🐰 Linkedin "unusual traffic" error message

Be careful with the number of actions and searches you do on Linkedin.

YES, even if you have an aged account.

YES, even if you have a paid Linkedin account and you thought that if you pay then they let you do whatever you want.

This is what happens:

And it wouldn’t let me use my Linkedin account on my pc.

I tried from my phone and it didn’t work.

To test if it was my ip, I disconnected the wifi on my phone (so it would not use my home ip but rather use the mobile ip which is different) and my Linkedin account worked normally.

So I disconnected my home router for 5 minutes and reconnected it and got a new ip and then everything worked fine on my pc.

But obviously now I am going slower…

What kind of actions were you doing?

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  1. Using Jarvee with many tools at the same time: liking posts, connecting, sending messaged, etc.

  2. Using my pc (at the same time) to do many searches for keywords, and scroll through the long list of results.

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