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Sorry, I am a Chinese, because I can’t speak English, so I found a Malaysia man and speedyverify. One of my conversations is because I can’t speak English, so I only input instructions.

Another long conversation is the conversation between Malaysia people and speedyverify.

I can’t read English, I can only translate it, because I can’t use the service all the time. I still misunderstand that Malaysia people and speedyverify are liars.

Because I can’t speak English, I asked Malaysia people to find a website for phone verification. He found speedyverify. Then I registered speedyverify and gave him account so that he could communicate with you.

I communicate with speedyverify myself, but I only input instructions, and I do not communicate.

Besides, the Malaysia people haven’t told me about the refund, so I always thought he and speedyverify were cheats.

What you see now is that I translated it with a translation website, so it is not necessarily smooth.



So you are the customer he mentioned in the chat. And you were not the guy we were talking with.

Seems like I wronged you. I apologize.

Don’t worry. I’ll get your refund sent today.

I will send you a message here in the forum. That message will contain a secret access code. I’ll lift the ban so you can initiate a chat. Just so I know I’m talking to you and not the Malaysian guy.

You can send the bitcoin address to me in the live chat.


OK, the problem has been solved


Go and try now.


Good to know.
Good job @kraadnc


I also do phone verifications just dont have a website :o


Hello @kraadnc

Are you the Speedy Verify guy? If so please PM me.


Done. (13 characters)


price pretty, at the family of me, we own large phone card amount with the price from 0,25 $


I do not recommend this service, you need to wait 30min-60min to get any respond on “chat 24/7”, and until no one can come you can not write anything, otherwise you will get ban. I bought from they about 50 numbers year ago, almost all Instagram accounts confirmed with their numbers are now banned. I advise against buying their numbers.


You treated my VAs like shit. Funny for someone who can’t even speak straight English (“Active my number”).

All your accounts are banned because you obviously don’t know how to grow accounts.

You bought a year ago and you’re just raising the issue now because I banned you from the service. Real credible man.

Like I told you on chat, I can tolerate arrogance towards me, but not with the VAs who are only aiming to help you.

You didn’t listen.

I don’t know what you have against Indians, tbh. But we’re not Indians.

EDIT: For any sellers or service providers seeing this, be wary of the guy. The moment he buys anything from you, refund immediately. He’s someone who thinks he’s entitled when talking to him feels like deciphering hieroglyphics.


Now you can see how he deal with customers :smiley:
I was getting this bans after using your nice numbers :wink: You can check old chat if you want.
I don’t want to argue, but his service is really low. Better option is use the cheapest site with numbers. The worst spent 150$ ever.


You are right. This is how I deal with shitty customers. And you sir, are one.

My VAs are polite, professional, and helpful. If you can’t return the same level of respect, then there’s no reason for us to be doing business.

Easier to blame a service that banned your ass. :slight_smile:

You’re right. But say “I can’t argue” not that you don’t want to.


I know its painfull, but site like http://smspva.com/ worked well, when after using your numbers meaned instant ban.


Guys and girls,

Keep it clean from now on. Or i will buy @adnan 6 beers so he can use his banhammer!


Well, glad it worked for you. I’m just wondering…

You bought 50 numbers and 100 credits before. If our numbers really don’t work, why would you invest that much?

You only have 3 credits left. That’s plenty amount of verifications for a service that bans your accounts, don’t you think?

And I’m pretty sure you just posted that same reply using @obik69. Are we allowed to have 2 accounts here @dma0245

My bad. Keeping it clean now. :slight_smile:


You don’t?!

I go by MojoJojo, HenryCooper, dma0245, dma0246 and wortime from time to time… all me, it is a full time job to maintain these accounts!


Oh Lord Mojo! Good thing you still have time being @MojoJojo.

Just being HenryCooper alone will take up 20 hours of your day. :confused:


Trust me, it ain’t easy being cheesy.


@Babs = @wortime