Looking for provider / ideas how to send bulk email (charge per send)

I am sending emails and tried using Mailchimp and Getresponse but they charge per contact.
I send 1 email per contact so its not relevant for me.
I am looking for somone who charges me per sent , it doesnt matter how many contacts I have since I use them only 1 time.
Who can hook me up?

Sending around 3000 emails a day.
If anyone has Stealth mailchimp account that might work as well.



Did you try verticalresponse or campaignmonitor?

verticalresponse - looks like its per contact not per email

Campaignmonitor has pricing with per campaign and per email.

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This is by far the most cost-efficient way of sending emails that I know. https://sendy.co/

The emails are actually sent through Amazon SES, which is incredibly cheap but you also need to be a hacker in oder to be able to use. Sendy offers a much more useful interface to manage your user lists an email campaings while letting Amazon SES do all the actual sending.

It might be a bit more complicated to set up than all the others, but you can always get someone to set it up for you on upwork for $50 and you will be saving money in just a month or two of not having to pay mailchimp.

I’ve been using it for years and I’m very happy with it.

Sent you DM.

I run a cold emailing agency and I am currently sending thousands of cold emails a day for my IG agency. I use cold emailing to get a bulk of my clients for my SMMA. I can definitely help out with this.

Hey bro Sendy is just a script. You need to approve amazon ses for this. I have tried but they denied my request to remove restrictions. So My amazon ses account still in sandbox mode. Any help?

Yes, like I said, Sendy is just an interface to manage your lists, Amazon SES is in charge of doing all the sending, therefore yes, you have to be approved by them.

Over the years I’ve set this up for myself and multiple clients and never got rejected. I think as long as you can prove you are a legitimate business, with a legitimate website, etc. you should be fine. Restrictions also start low and then are gradually removed as you show you are not spamming people (low bounce rates, average open rates, etc.)

maybe twilio?

I think @consense has a service for this as well.

With 3000 contacts you just need 10 gmails accounts for doing this job. So easy

and send to inbox?
3000 a day…

You could make a test by yourself. Remember using about 15 gmail accs.

I have a possible solution for you Mr.BTC, but first

Are these cold emails right, they are not subscribed to you via a form right? Just so I know what to suggest.

True. Why does it matter? its not like im using mail chimp or anyother white hat trash…

I know this does not directly respond to your request for payment by email sent, but here is an alternative.

You can create 5-8x G-suite accounts for 3k per day and send up to 500 emails per day from them.

Here is the warm-up schedule:

Week 1: between 10 to 20 emails per day
Week 2: between 20 to 40 emails per day
Week 3: between 40 to 80 emails per day
Week 4: between 80 to 100 emails per day
Week 5: 200 emails per day
Week 6: 400 emails per day
Week 7: 550 emails per day
Week 8: 700 emails per day

** Lemlist has automatic email warm-up, it costs $ 29 per month if you want to speed up and automate this process **

From here you can use Gmass, lemlist, reply.io 1, etc. to send these emails.

And yes, if you have a good opening rate and a good response rate, you shouldn’t have any problems with sending to the inbox.
But you will have to change your message body once a week, so as not to end up in “message spam”.

I could talk more about that, but I’m just giving you the main details now for you to decide if it’s something that would work for you. Good luck.

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This might help as well :smiley:

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15 YAMM licenses will do. (If stick to 200 emails per day)

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