M/S method with proxies

Hi guys,

i am a noob on this and have read the forums a bit but i could not find (might have missed, my apologies if so) a recent discussion similar to the questions i have. therefore i would immensely appreciate any constructive input from the humble community to guide me.

i have a main travel agency business account for IG. and i have about 4 other IG accounts which i have made in the past. they are old.

so i am thinking of renaming those accounts and try the m/s method. i think i have an understanding on how it works. thanks for the topics here.

i have jarvee/mplanner installed. ill get the starting subscription once i know what i need to do. if i am not mistaken i need to get proxies for the 4 slave accounts to ‘scrape’ users and redirect them to the main account.

there seem to be different type of proxies in the marketplace, 4g mobile, dedicated etc so would appreciate clarification on what would be the ideal one for my use case plus if you guys have any recommendations.

essentially, tell me what proxy providers have worked for you for this method, for those who have tried it. and if these days, whether we can still avoid getting flagged and continue this method through jarvee/mplanner.

if you need further information to assit, please let me know and i am grateful for your time.


You should most probably scrape users with accounts dedicated for that. They’re called “scrapers”. Your 4 aged accounts that you plan on using as “child accounts” (to redirect traffic to your main account) shouldn’t be the ones scraping, if possible. So, try using scrapers.

About proxies : any type of proxies (mobile [4G, 5G], residential, DC) can be shared or dedicated. The best is of course dedicated, but it will be a bit more expensive. Top notch will be mobile proxies, that I recommend, for your accounts. Anyway, there is no golden rule, as the proxy quality matters more than the type.

Proxies providers are usually kept “secret” for Mother/Child providers, for obvious reasons (quality =/= overused proxies). On our end, we setup our proxies ourselves and can only recommend doing so : less expensive, more control.

Don’t hesitate posting updates about your setup, I think it would be very interesting as they’re not many newcomers trying to setup Mother/Child.

Keep it up and don’t give up :boom:


@denis1 gave some great advice!

For only a small number of accounts you could just use your phone data as a proxy. Apps like allproxy can do this for you. But if you live in a ‘wealthy’ country then it may be more expensive to do that then use proxies on marketplace.

But private residential or 4g is the way to go. Avoid dc as they work well for a small time and then you end up in hell.

thank you for your reply. for the mother slave method, can you explain why we need separate scrapper accounts and how they come into play in this method, because, i thought the slaves did the scraping and drove traffic to the main mother account. thank you so much.

There are multiple ways to operate the Mother/Child strategy. Different schools. At the end of the day, everything’s possible.

  1. Have your child account only do “forwarding” actions, with an already scraped list of usernames = pre filtered scraped list (scraping + filtration already done).

  2. Having them doing “forwarding” + “filtration” actions, with an already scraped list of usernames = non filtered scraped list.

  3. Having them doing “forwarding” + “filtration” + “scraping” actions, so basically all the work is being handle by these child accounts.

So as you can see, from 1) to 3), you increase the number of daily actions to do with your accounts = increase the risk of getting blocks or other security issues (AC / PV / EV / Bans). That’s why using dedicated scrapers are often recommended :slight_smile:


@denis1 thank you so much for your time in replying and I am so sorry to ask newbie questions. i will forever be grateful for you if you can explain to me what you mean by forwarding actions. how do one filter the scraped list.

my understanding so far is as below.

  • i use scraper accounts to filter the good ones and pass it to the slave accounts. → can you tell me how the filtration works and how scrapers are integrated in MP.

  • once the slave accounts have the filtered accounts, then the salves do follow/likes/etc actions and drive traffic to the mother account after a following is built up using story posts, dm, etc?

am i correct and thank you for filling gaps in my knowledge.

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Correct. The filter process works as you want it to work, meaning you decide of your own filter criterias, for your business/clients, that would fit the best quality. Example : avatars only, private accounts excluded,…
I’m not using MP/Jarvee currently, but the process is pretty straightforward. Just add credentials, “Login” and add them to the job you want them to do (send to a “child accounts”).

Correct. Those are the “forwarding” actions, in order to promote the mother accounts. Many different ways to do it, the more creative you are, the more success you will have :slight_smile:


One main thing I will add is that you need to warm up accounts on MP. If you don’t they will crash and burn fast. Its a lot different than using manual or story like bots. You have to stay under IGs radar to avoid blocks and bans.

Actually. Ive been talking to you on my thread on another forum lol. Wondered why the travel thing looks familiar.

Yeah. Didn’t mention the obvious part indeed

I assumed you knew that warm up, proxies and overall accounts management are needed to run Mother/Child successfully. And above everything, the ability to read logs and fix errors :slight_smile: