Manual growth IG blocks me

Hi folks, I’m managing 5 IG accounts from my phone. No bots. All manual.
I mostly do follow/unfollow, likes, commenting, dm’s.

I try to do it very smooth. I connect 3 times a day and do no more than 20-30 one day…or 20 follow per session one day and 30 unfollow per session the day after.

It’s been 2 weeks that IG limits very often all the account’s i manage.

Any advice please?

I tried Manual for a small while as well but I believe because you log in on the same device Instagram will limit your Actions for the whole device. I believe that I had a block on one account after doing 5 Likes ( and 200 on another account). May or may not be true but they 100% have the Power to see that you are using the same Device for all 5 Accounts

Are these accounts warmed up ?

More “true” than maybe, i’d say :slight_smile:

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Is there any way I could run more than 1 insta from my iPhone ?

Yeah, they are not new. What do you suggest? rest for a while?

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Saw this somewhere, I am going to rest my account 24 hours then start this…

Start with 10/Day
Increase by 10/Daily
Max 60/Hour (F/U Actions)

Follow 100/Day
Unfollow 100/Day

200 F/U Actions Daily

Let me know if your trying it

Yeah thanks! I will try that but, it’s still more actions than I do…i never arrived to 200 F/U.
Any other advice for manual IG growth guys? Thanks!

I am new to it myself, I don’t have any other ideas sorry :disappointed:

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Should I maybe use a VPN? Change it every time I connect to the accounts?

Hey! Ig is against people using more than 1 account. You need to change your ip. This can be done using proxy or vpn. You can also use phone simulators. The ip must be unique on each Instagram account.

Are there any that work on iOS?

You can choose absolutely any service that suits you in terms of functionality and price, but I would not recommend choosing free services. Almost all of them, as practice shows, analyze your traffic and then sell it outside.

Would nordVPN work?

Randomize the op each time

Oh sure. Change ip on each account! You shouldn’t be tracked

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Thank you so much

Thanks buddy.

So I can turn on the VPN for one account. Than switch off and again on the VPN so it changes the proxy and log in to the other account, correct?

You are always welcome, it’s nice to help people

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Thanks for the advice to u aswell.