Manual Method King Method - Created by (Bigpack)


It’s scalable but to do 3000 accounts you gonna need to have a ton of devices. You can use this method to at least get your clients accounts running without blocks. It may seem like a lot but it is the workaround until J gets their software working right. Instagram tracks scrolls and any movement now on the new update. So you think about it if you are running on accounts from the device this will build your trust score.


Thanks. So I use uncover to jail break? And then I use the Apple store to get Cydia?


Also here is the video. I reuploaded for anybody needing to see it.


Yeah. This def is great for 5/10 accounts. I need this for 3000 +++ accounts. Great work though dude. It’s important you shared this to at least show everyone we aren’t done!


I have 10 iPhones I’m running off. eBay sell iphone 4 for $20 you can do more than 10 accounts and your welcome :pray:


With autotouch you can create a script to put the phone in airplane mode every 5 to 10 minutes. Or every 6 hours which ever you’d like.


Bro go to google and figure out how to jailbreak your device. That’s what I always did when I was a noob. :ok_man:t5:



Did you just use automation and titles your method « manual »


Yes to me it’s manual because it’s not off of j So yeah that’s what I call it, lol :joy: I live with no rules. It’s still kind of manual in my eyes because it’s off the app. If j could really emulate their software like this I would use it again. But I’m doing it this way and getting good results it’s better than sitting at the phone all day doing it by myself.


One last thing before I get off and eat my dinner. You can also program autotouch to do comments to. The script is editable In lua language. is the site for info on that language.


Can I just have the taps recorded, say on a shortcut I have set within the settings of the phone? So when “QW” is tapped in the log, it then shoots a comment out. Then just click the enter button and consider it part of the queue?


I’m not really understanding you, break it down a little more. And what’s “QW”? Are you relating to the autotouch app?


You can have the taps recorded inside the app. To record, down press the volume button then go to a post, when you comment paste the comment, auto touch will read the paste action and record it in the script folder. That action can then be looped. Also for good targeting you can scrape from J then copy the usernames in a dm and create a script to comment on certain users.


Hey bro, thank you for your sharing, I would like to know how to switch 5 accounts. Is it launch and login again?


on android use


That would be a huge help if you could get me those files.


I got you don’t worry


Aren’t there similar ways to do this without rooting/cracking


Let me try this :slight_smile:


Don’t be fools !
Repeating same patterns / scrolling over and over again will get you blocked sooner then you think.
the reson this is work is that it is personal phone that already used for long.
IG recored every step you do… so even scrolling with same pattern for 10 phones on same subnet will block all at the same time … you need to be uniqe for each phone.