Manual Method King Method - Created by (Bigpack)


Hey thanks for sharing!! I hope Jv can implement something like this into their software. Automation on native instagram app should be the hardest for instagram to detect!

Does the 6000/30 limit still apply to this method? Have you try going above it ?


And the test results are?


Great man I just got my Iphone . I will be testing this methode


@bigpack Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing. I urge you to forgive the community and set an example of what you feel should be the approach to situations like these. You were wronged, yes. But now you have an opportunity to show people how it’s done.

@mrsmith surely this exact method can be emulated using the mobile version of a web browser on a PC? That would potentially allow for scaling if you attached a device ID & proxy to separate browser instances.


Thanks for this, definitely going to try this. Have 3 old iPhones sitting here at home doing nothing. Will try this on one and let you know the results. Thanks for an awesome method and keep up the great work!


NP bro! salute hope it works out for you.


Just tested it and was not difficult at all to setup, got it first try. Put a 10 sec delay on the script between loops and it worked perfectly. Going to buy the upgrade now, but i dont see any problems. Thanks again man!


Smart one
Be careful with unfollow apps tho, Instagram is giving out Action Blocks when using them


Just one question, are you following only one person in each # ? So you go into one tag follow, go out next tag follow and so on until you do every tag than the software repeats itself?


Right now I’m working on a lua script that will find the image of the comment, like, and follow button and tap. this will make this method more flawless.


Yes following one person from each tag then when it goes back, the loop I created automatically moves to the next tag. Play with it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Also because it’s just a replay of a recording, there is no feedback system in place, if the app ends up in a bad state that was not previously handled, you wouldn’t know. For example, if you get a block for some reason and the replay just keeps on following and get another hundred blocks, I don’t think that will be good for the account.


Non sense been running this all day and night carry on with the non sense theories and test yourself maybe you would be actually making actions and not running into blocks. How you suggesting things and you haven’t tested?


How do you get it to switch accounts? Do you just have it switch accounts after 1 cycle though the tags or do you manually start and stop it whenever you want to switch accounts?


I have my own android bot that can do customizable actions, I don’t need to test your replayer. lol


You can record the action to switch the account after a set of tags is done. after one round of tags, switch the account. Before switching tap the airplane mode on and off and switch back to the next account.

appActivate(" com.burbn.instagram"); is the code to switch back into the app if you want to place this in your code without recording.


Ok do the actions, and lay off the negativity. You got your own method, but snooping here looking for trouble? Yea sure buddy!


how do you become a level 2 on here? I didn’t even know you had diff levels of stuff we can’t see. I just officially signed up recently. Thanks OP for your post


Nobody is looking for trouble. I was just simply pointing out the limitation of a replayer and potential danger of using a method with no feedback system. You are obviously very full of yourself so you have no interest in listening to anyone who may actually know more than you but I’m sure there are plenty other people on the forum who don’t have such a terrible attitude and are interested in what I have to say.


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