Manual Method King Method - Created by (Bigpack)


Not full of myself, but you keep saying things that are not true. I’m starting to think you are a robot, because if this is so dangerous why am I not running into blocks? You seem to work for instagram so I’ll let you tell it lmao


Please listen.
Don’t just talk.
Some people here develop code / bots for years.
The only reason this is working: it is on your own(used by you) phone.
Moreover I belive that this replay not even fakeing real touchscreen but do simulation which is highly detected since the motion event flag this as “not a real touch screen”.



@bigpack @hw711

Hey guys. I understand the thrills of a heated personal debate, but it’s just making the thread longer and more tedious for new viewers to read.

Please take any differences you have and sort them out privately.


thank you- this community has been my light :slight_smile: appreciate you all.


I actually have no interest in getting into debates with people like him. I was just giving others a heads up. My interest lays in making sure people don’t get caught by surprise and end up in worse situations. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be mindful of the potential risks, even if you end up deciding they are worth taking. It’s way better than blindly running into the battle field thinking you are bullet proof.


Why airplane mode when switching between accounts?


this method has so many cons i dont recommended it.
the best method to automate manual f/uf is to create a script that can do actions through mirrored phone on desktop.


I’m listening, when I see a block then I will more than excited to let you know. I’m not running off of personal phones lmao. Appreciate the reply :ok_hand:


There is cons in everything in life, it’s you as the person to make the choice to tweak things. When something goes wrong in J you tweak it right? So go criticize J, all this is, is a workaround until things get cooled down nobody said do this till we get old and grey. If your a real person in real life everything has a con nothing is perfect :ok_hand:


You don’t have to run airplane mode I was just mentioning it can be done. Some people here are already on the edge so I was mentioning it can be done.


How is doing it on a Phone mirrored on a desktop any different than a regular phone? sounds like you just suggested to do his method but on a CPU???


I’m not god don’t listen to my methods then. In all honesty as long as my accounts are running without blocks I could care less, again for the last time it’s only a solution to the issue we are all facing. Instead of getting angry with me go hit up zuckerberg for putting us in this mess. :man_shrugging:t5:


And I would not recommend using j to but hey who am I, just a little ol guy that’s not getting blocks and growing using this method :man_shrugging:t5:


Also anyone using the method the best way to get your scraped results is to use a scraper account to scrape results from J then dump them into your dm. you could create a script via autotouch to follow those users. That is how you can target your sources.


Because you cant run python script on android :slight_smile:


i thought about doing it this way too, however the number of usernames you can send via DM is very limited… how did you manage to go around that ? I think you can only send like 5-10 usernames per one DM ?


@bigpack maybe I missed this, but how many follows are you doing a day. 1000?


Python for Android :point_up_2:


J can be really good when you know how to properly set it up :slight_smile:

It has no (or almost) no blocks with proper settings already explained out there in the MPsocial forum !

Whenever you scale, it’s bonus !

The problem of this method is : the number of devices required … I’d rather go with 1 big VPS and use 300+ accounts on it, instead of 60 phones …


What about virtual android emulator like nox?
Set up a proxy for each and run the action simulator.