Manual Method King Method - Created by (Bigpack)


You actually can do 20 usernames I think, and also if you know any language. You can create a Lua script to pull the usernames. I just spent the most of my day doing this. is the official site for that language. So basically what i’m trying to say is , if you know how to code you can create a script where you drop in like say 50 to 100 users to follow. and the script will automatically go to the users page and follow. This method is much easier, but you must know lua language. It could also be limited for you depending on which device you run off. The larger the screen height, the more usernames you can drop. But even if it is 10, you can make multiple list of 10 then paste in the dm when one list finish, make the script delete so the next one will be next in the loop.


The magic number is 500, I’m gonna ramp it up and see if a block comes later today.


Average for me have been 23 to 30 followers per hour. Not one follow block yet.


So 500 a day for how many days?


For at least 17 days. I been had this method in mind, but I was just to stubborn and kept continuing to use j. I was using my method and J at the same time on different accounts, different proxies. When i noticed accounts I was running on the phone was not getting blocked, even with me spamming the heck out of comments, I started to realize J is really dead. Or if it’s not dead, It’s to slow for what i need. Even on the lowest settings of J I continued to suffer and get blocks, one day i said i’m going to put my all into what is working for me and that’s when i moved over to phones. I have not seen a block in 17 days and I was going so hard with the comments daily. Still nothing. Some of the accounts i use was created newly and still was flying high under the radar.


I make new accounts daily and use the phones to build the trust score, and stay on the phones no j, no nothing if it’s not a phone. I have access to tons of automation software, but will not use it until companies can emulate human behavior.


Thanks bro , Can we use dualspace to open instagram many time x2 x10…


please what do u mean by 6000/30?


i am at 75 per hour and 600 a day… even that no blocks


Good work Bigpack but don’t want to ruin your parade or anything but this method is known already and IG most likely knows about it. There is nothing new here. Also I feel obligated to chime in regarding this for all the newbies.

Just thought I would add a little warning about this method. This is detectable by IG very easily and I have seen that they can detect these sort of scripts with ease.In order to simulate human behavior its not just about macroing a couple of touches there are some clever mechanics in play that they use to detect. Now whether they are paying attention is another story and how long your accounts last depends on this.

Now if you see that its working for you be careful about pulling the trigger on buying multiple devices and wasting your money and time because one guy is having success. Do not make financial decisions based of this.

Test it yourself for good before going further investing your time and money.
As always test and remember the best methods are those unspoken. We can still help each other without spilling the beans :sunglasses:


Same here mate. :smile:


Instagram follow limits. 6000 follows per month (30 days)


Also there’s a reason why I don’t go with this route and decide to build a human team instead.

Say if you follow X users and it got blocked, your macro would still try/attempt to keep on following. This would lead your account to be banned/disabled. I tried.

Also if you just do follow, line by line… that would also lead you to blocks… you would need to put in actions in between… basically randomizing everything to make it as humanly as possible… which is pretty hard for a macro to do


I hear what you saying, but there’s no raining on my parade, and here’s why. You people keep calling it macroing, when in autotouch it’s much more complex than macroing touch first of all. Number 2 I have coded code that’s not in a macro form to enhance this method. This is not about macroing only. I’m on projects 18 hours a day and instead of wasting my time here I’m actually leveling up getting things done. Macroing and developing Lua language to roll out actions is 2 different things.

2 back my claims here is a snippet of some code I’m working on now to dominate this method
speed = 1;

xloc = {};

yloc = {};

colors = {};

xloc[“res”], yloc[“res”] = getScreenResolution();

if xloc[“res”] > yloc[“res”] then

yloc[“res”], xloc[“res”] = getScreenResolution();


This is not macro! So you can rain on a so called parade, but while you here adding your 2 sense I’m making power plays that will keep me running without blocks on a whole new level. Read where I posted in the post where I said I can bring you to the pond, but you gotta fish for yourself. This is a method for people who not lazy and can find different ways to tweak things to their likings. And you are right the best methods are unspoken, this is why I never wanted to share this in the first place. But it’s up and guess what nothing never stays the same. Remember that! While this post was made, the next day I was already enhancing it every single minute of the day. I don’t work 9to5 so I’m dangerous because all my time goes into this. So the state you seen this post I was on the beginning stages of the process, I’ve already had a few days to play, now could you imagine where I’m at now :man_shrugging:t5::shushing_face: all fax no printers :printer::100::100::100::goat:


Thanks for sharing.
Really interesting.

Just one question maybe a stupid one.

If we imagine I have a metal music account.
My target subscribers will be metal music listeners.

So they will be the ones that already follow metal account and not people who are posting about metal.
I can be a metal fan and posting about everyday life like a classic instagram user using very classical Hashtags.
So with your technique I will have to restrict my target to people who are posting about metal…
Whereas the core target is people who are subscribed or who interact (liking post) with established metal instagram account. They are the real ones.

So my question : is there any way to touch these people with your technique ? (i.e follow/like people who like / follow targeted niche account)

Hope it’s clear x)


It’s clear what you are saying. For this you will need to set up a Lua script to follow the followers of the target metal account you are targeting.


Thanks for answering.
But how to filter to keep thee interesting accounts?
I think it’s using J to scrap right?


So i just went and found a metal music account. These are his followers, you can start you script here. With usleep code for the delay.


@bigpack maybe I missed this somewhere, but is there a way to “read the screen” or “track popups” with autotouch or another app so that what @aditya15417 is saying gets addressed?

BTW, amazing share :fire::ok_hand::heart:


Yes you can do that as well. Use J to scrape.