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Many Thanks for the explanation.
Last question :
According to you the most easy technique to start with (I’m quite a newbie),
Is it to create a script like you have explained with the go to Hashtags page or anywhere else and then start the loop.
Is it to scrap J then create the script to follow these scrapped people?


See this what I was trying to say the entire time to people doubting the power of autotouch. :joy::joy::joy::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: It’s just not macro running. You can actually have code in the script that will stop actions if block message pops up. This is by far deeper than you guys are thinking. It’s not only about macro. Autotouch runs strictly of off Lua code, yes it lets you record in the form of a macro, however it’s not what you think. Hope that answers your question.


I like both methods, so you can do both. Sometimes I want to follow most recent post, and other times I want to target. Mix it up, it’s all to your liking.


I figured so. It does answer my question and makes complete sense.
Try not to beat your head against a wall debating with some of these… … … … … humans. lol
It’s not worth your time :joy::metal:

#147 A simple breakdown of the power of autotouch, more like lua programming in general.


For people who are actually laughing or criticizing this method… i’m doing the same and it works fine and better than any Bot out there… no blocks… it also shows human behavior, its the only way to tweak IG from blocking u… u gotta be a bit flexible tho and change ur movement from time to time so IG doesnt track you.
This method will only work if u run a small amount of accs, others its not possible

keep going bro


Exactly :ok_hand: I got 60 accounts slamming IG right now commenting, liking, and following, no block. At this point I’m started to feel like blocks don’t exist no more :ok_man:t5::joy::man_shrugging:t5:


It’s ride time baby. Are these going 24 hours a day?


24/7 with precise delays sleeping at night for a few hours and back to the slamming like wwe wrestling :women_wrestling:


Thanks for sharing, are you following and unfollowing on the same days or following until the limit and unfollowing then?


How long have you been doing this for? I think everyone is pretty skeptical that you’re able to exceed 6000 follows in 30 days.


I agree with you in the idea of your post, but let me add my 5 cents here, in forums like this you have all kind of people with all kind of skills, but when it comes to software, there are people who studied many years and those are the ones that are able with lot of effort develop solutions for the other people, maybe specialist in marketing, business or simple users… so… I encourage people without development background to focus on the social/marketing side of this and let the other deal with the technical side. To be honest I cannot answer everything that people say wrong here about automation or what IG can detect or not. I have the privilege of working with a development team and trust me the myth that a single person with a computer will decode the IG system is just a dream.

Also I believe that many ppl here play the trial&error method, well probably due to the lack of knowledge and resources is the only way they can try to achieve their goals. But rest assure that IG and all the important software companies working on this are not playing the same game.

Said that… sharing small tips, methods for specific cases and general rules, that are not more than common sense many times, it is very positive and helps.

not only this, every single one that you imagine they already worked on it, then comes the business decision, invest in the development of a detection/blocking system or not for that specific user behaviour . They are the ones to decide what and when to stop anything that they would consider spammy. They have more than enough resources to do it and ROI always is priority.


If I reach 6000/30 and get blocked on GMT I can still follow lots from the app on my phone.


So j not detectable neither lmao. I have to fall back from this forum because theres always a know it all tryna tell you what IG can detect. But they the ones sitting on the couch on their computer not making no money and getting blocks everyday on IG. I could care less what they could detect. Because when you understand code at a certain level you could make it hard for IG to detect what’s going on. The reason J has not gotten to this level is because they lack experienced coding. Every one here seems to know it all, even with knowledge I have I’m not afraid to say I don’t know everything. Geesh!


I’m curious if anyone else is requesting to follow private accounts? I’ve always been told its a cardinal sin to follow those accounts, but I’m having a ton of luck with them.


Lots of Private followers still accept random bot accounts to up their follow game, just have private set so their exes and shit cant see their insta


I love your idea. how are you making your accounts?


Webrtc Leak Prevent, Random User Agent, and Ghostery download those from the chrome exstensions store. Connect your computer’s wifi to your phone device Then make account in incognito mode. Be sure to tap airplane mode and wait 10 seconds to turn it back on to get new ip on every account creation.


Much appreciated Op!

Man after this thread I feel like us lvl1 aint shit :joy: gotta get my lvl2 it seems


Lol people are liking this post, I said I wouldn’t answer questions but I’m still answering away. Lmao! I believe in helping, because at the end of the day, I get help sometimes from here too. Ha ha!