Mass-Following (Limits decreased, Service price decreased)


$20… that’s how much I charge for one week trial. I’d never go under $100/month, I can see you mentioned different standards earlier, that doesn’t make a difference. $2000 might be a lot in Russia but it’s better to have 20 clients paying $100 than 200 clients paying $20. 20 clients is nothing, 3-4 of them will message you from time to time asking for tips and that’s it, you are basically doing nothing and making money.
Also those growth numbers are low, with old limits my clients were gaining 2000-5000 followers per month with f/unf only, no likes, comm. etc., you need to check your follow sources.

So to answer your primary question, NO, never lower the prices, just offer something more.


You can still gain 1000 followers monthly with any limits that are here, never lower the price. Up the price.

I have clients who pay over $300/mo and are happy with 500 new organic followers monthly.


Glad it works for you. Personnaly i would be mad to pay that much for that less.
I would not decrease or increase the price since it has not became harder but slower
Increasing price would be horrifying to me when you know your account growth will be at least divided by 2.
Same effort = Same price


Bro… what you don’t understand is this:

Zara is charging $5 a shirt because at some point they INVESTED tons of dollars into an advertising strategy that sky rocketed them into the tops and made them who they are.

Having a big image brings you a lot of benefits including discounts for prime materials for a shirt.

Also, here we talk about marketing not shirts. And I bet you €1.000 and my debts that Zara is paying for advertising something around 6-7 figures a month.



Another person charging under $100 for growth?! Come on. You need to charge more.

You have 300 clients at $30? So $9K gross a month? To manage 300 accounts? You are wasting your time and you are lowering the floor on our industry.

My fees are $100 to $500 per month for just growth per account. You can ask for much more money. Please raise your rates going forward. I mean no disrespect and am not trying to pick on you, but you can make SO MUCH MORE MONEY. If you doubled your rates you would gross $18K per month, if you tripled your rates then you would gross $27K per month. How far does $27K per month go in Russia? Can you buy a mountain now?


There is business law when supply goes down and demand goes up . so do the prices. Think about it.


Guys come on, let’s try to not judge, I can’t sorry.

Of course we can give orientation about what’s best to our colleagues.

Sorry but who is getting the prices lowers are the competitors that start on this many years ago and now have thousands to not say millions of customers… In Russia there is many companies doing it very cheap but not only there I can name some as tagscout or xplod social or socialbloom, in brasil there is many even cheaper like gerenciagram( and they have millions of customers ).

So I understand him, many customers in Brasil are used to other pricing so for me was a bit difficult to get inside the market there but I start with basics and sell many extras, one of my clients pay 700 euros monthly and others 300, or 400, it all depends of their needs like I’ve different pricing for Brasil also because the salary there is extremely low.


This whole block made me realize that I needed to raise my agency’s prices to account for handling situations like this and constantly researching new strategies as IG automation evolves and ages. We will be raising our prices by 80% at the end of the month and I’ve never felt better about it. I have no doubts that clients that want good service will be happy to pay.


I’ve to agree with that. Me either, in my opinion, the customers that are working with me already, I will not raise the prices but for all the new ones that are coming, it’s higher already!

I can offer the service for the same price but with lesser tools, each tool is an extra, that easy.

That is the best thing to do right now, if someone want this kind of service they need to pay for it (it’s not for everyone).


In Brazil we have big companies providing the service for about $20/month (mine is $70). Almost 70% of my actual customers came to me talking about this other cheap company and comparing my service to them.

But as I said, many of my clients know about the others cheap companies, but they stay with me. The reason is that I tried to make them see the value of my service (each client see value in different ways).

value = benefits received / (expectations * price)

So make the client REAL SEE the benefits ($, fame, leads …) that they will receive…


Thank you for the input, but I had one really noob question:

Could you send me what you would use to search it on google? I tried some but I could not find prices higher than $100, I think it is due to the fact that english is not my first language.

Thank you in advance.


Normal price in USA for example is 99,00$ as getriver or igwildfire but maybe they’re talking about other service not automation, I mean with extra services as consult, ads or m/s it can easily raises to 1000’s


Oh yes, now it makes sense. Thank u


Where do you google man?:slight_smile: google mass following and you will see the prices of 10$ a month


Instazood comes first 9.99$ okay?


You are missing out a big and important thing.

Those AUTO tasks are going to be to whatever people and profiles. General service offered that brings cheap growth. People around this forum target other profiles based on the interest of their customers.

If you try to @at me, I am going to tell you I had 2 customers in MLM travel niche that were using a similar service and they had followers from food niche and toys niche or dogs and cats.

Quality over quantity.


Can’t pm you, can you pm me?


:weary:That moment you remember how much Jarvee alone costs


29$/10 3$ an account yep

It’s even cheaper, our partners system costs 0,5$ for an account, with all the features statistics filters and everything :slight_smile:


Yeah, and 1.66 for 30 accounts. Pricing is the secret, my friend.