Mass-Following (Limits decreased, Service price decreased)


Guess my google comes up with different results.
If you are here just to prove your point that pricing f/uf at $30 is better for client management why even ask us about the pricing in the first place?

If it really does work for you then just keep doing what you’re doing I guess.


What is the website?


I asked certain question, and got an answer, I am not improving my point, other members were arguing with me and etc. I just told my opinion and that’s it.


80% is a YES! That’s what I like to hear.


Million customers? Wow.


Supply as in the number of followers someone can get? Or the number agencies offering this?


Prices will go up ( as they should),
more will quit Client Management as headaches get longer and deeper – business is now harder for them to 1. stay safe, 2 grow others successfully.
Established one will also quit – more often than in the past.

Ones who charge less – will find more clients, and lose more clients to.
Ones who offer premiums services at prices above the medium will be the ones who win.
One thing will never go down, and that is the WANT – not need – for followers. Real ones, not fakes.
does that make sense?


Yes. Perfect sense.


You are so kind. You are one of my favourite person in this forum. I love to read your replies and thread. Like I know, no one shares what price they are charging to their clients. After all business is business, its freaking private. :man_shrugging:t2:


That is fair indeed, love this


I can’t tell you if it’s true or not(I doubt it), is just speculation but some people say they have more than 1m customers and is extremely cheap but they have no 24/7 support, no research, no quality sources, it all about numbers and automation :sweat_smile:

For me the priority is always excellence/quality, I mean real sales, real customers and never numbers/quantity.

Why that? When customers that are looking for numbers reach their goal, they go away.

If they are selling through your work, they will not go that easy (probably).

What I can offer to my clients and each of them increase the pricing:

Social network management (Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube)
Creation of accounts for massive growth (Mother / Slave Method “M / S” - up to 100 accounts per customer)
Digital sales management (Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads)
Website optimization for search engines (Google, Yahoo and Ask).
Creating and retrieving google maps.

Extra services within search engine optimization:
Creating SEO backlinks
Content management for search engines.
Nicho’s Links
Guest publications service


Hello @Vlaa , Im new to the forum, but not new to the business.
Im managing roughly around 300 account per month and I’m currently in the same position as your…
I charge my customer around 30-50USD per month.
I know its cheap to compare to other and really looking for ways
to improve my service and increase the price of service…
However, here in Thailand everything is really so cheap compare to other and customer would only want to pay for the cheapest package Im offering. And currently my pricing seem to be the most expensive in Thailand.

I can’t compare the service pricing to other service price that I could find in the internet since Im only target local target (Thais) for my customer, TBH, this should even be more expensive than market price.

But you guys wouldnt believed it but the hourly wages here is barely 1USD/Hour
that what’s make the price even low.

what’s your guy opinion, what do you guys think the right choice here would be?
I really want to increase the price but for what’s customer get, they actually get lower work done per day just to be honest with this.

PS. sorry for my broken English, English isnt my main


Hello brother! Welcome to the forum and congratulations for your business.

This is just my humble opinion if I was in your skin…

You can offer less tools for the standard price you think are right and ask a fee for each extra tools, examples:

follow/unfollow: X
direct message marketing: Y
stories/posts comments: Z
content management: XYZ

But also with all the customers you already have you can offer some extra services like:

Ads (facebook, instagram, google, snapchat)
Content management


why people have tendencies to lower the prices when something getting harder?
That’s not logical in my opinion.
If something getting harder you should keep your price or raise your price.
When something getting harder that’s mean everybody feels that too right?


Mate how did you get your clients accounts follow unblocked did you do anything or it ig just released the block ? My clients accounts are blocked since 4th june every single account i worked with


It’s depend on what kind of service you’re offering to them.

  1. If it is monthly based subscription, no matter how much followers you gain them, then price will be same, since there in terms of efforts there is nothing changed.

  2. But if you promise any kind of followers numbers, then please increase the price, since now you need more efforts to get same result.


Thank you for ur comment @Itsyourtime :slight_smile:
Actually previously I already split the services in fo normal management and message / comment
But with the amount of work I couldn’t dare to charge much, However Ill try to scale the price up a bit since Im in the stage of rebranding the brand (this is just the same time as the new instagram algo kick in, how coincidental?)

As for content management I never provide this type of service before since I believed these work should be done by the owner of the account. I also provide SMM service for my customer that in need of likes or follower for Instagram and other social platform, so they kinda add up enough for me to run the business. However I never going as far as the ads for customer before its kinda complicate here with many instagram and facebook ads policy as well of my customer types of business (more than half of them cant run ads so they choose my service instead). Its my next goal to add adwords to the list of service and maybe sell some landing page.

As for mother/slave i didnt have times to try this but maybe it would worth the cost for me to provide this sort of service for my customers. But im planned to do this for myself with few bought aged account.


Previously our pricing is monthly subscription,
Which I split them in to 3 sizes
Small, medium, large size

But it seem I need to make this one size fit all, but again the work done will be less then the smallest size I used to provided. Maybe Ill add some more special option for them


You know the customer do not really care about the detail some dont even know how this work , they only care about the result, and just to be honest the result get minimize.


You don’t understood, is not the work you have to do, but the value you give to your service and the value the people who you are marketing give.

Example design logos service, if you think 50$ is expensive for a logo, Nike paid 100k for their logo, the correct thing. But the value they give to their brand, their logo, is their image and they know is the most important thing in bussiness.

You can think seriously 1k$ to F/UNF you’re stealing, but you know the process and you’re not just paying for the programs, proxys, etc you’re paing experts, people who faught for months to be here, feed familys, much more and then the value this expert can give. They can make you from profit 5k a month with your service to 10k per month just by running social medias and advertising your brand. The value you give is different.

Marketing is like art, being sold by millions on paper, is just perspective, if you can change your vision about art.