Mass-Following (Limits decreased, Service price decreased)


I am not into marketing my employees are, I am into entrepreneurship.


And 100% it’s an art, and you know what else is the art?:slight_smile: increasing your profit margin is also an art :slight_smile:


Yes you need to wait. Every single one? I’m supporting others with the same issue…

Check the numbers from the last 30 days counting from today, send a printscreen of the accounts that follow most and I can try to help you out, if you need any assistance further just shot a inbox.

All the best


You can hire a professional to do that for you and you can still sell as extra.

Believe or not, for some clients is better you find out someone to do the content or it will not work at all.

Many people have horrible content and they think is good, you can tell them how to make quality content but some people simply don’t have a good taste at all, specially for colors, aesthetic and design.

So in that case I advice them to contract content manager and when they do, our work start to flow better.


Your price is extremely low…


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Thank you so much for the answer, Im kinda have idea for this now :slight_smile:


You welcome brother, always glad to help


You are totally devaluing your own and everyone else’s service by charging 30$ a month. You are honestly not too smart in my opinion and are destroying the business by charging so little its extremely foolish of you. i have clients that pay 350 $ a month no problem for the same growth. Also now im seeing the same numbers as before and in some cases higher results with new growth methods…


you’re wrong 30$ is insanely cheap and you do not understand business very well dude. honestly you are screwing everyone. 30$? people will pay so much more you’re devaluing you service and everyone else’s, so sad to see people like you.


So how do you explain to someone that pays you 1000 dollar a month that your service is against the TOS of IG and might result in a ban?


You tell him to spend 100€ in instagram ads to see the results and i think after that he will understand that it is worth it

Furthermore the price does not guarantee that tos won’t be violated


was that meant for me?


Not smart is your dad that didn’t teach you manners. I told above why I can decrease the price, and why I can dump them, I don’t care about your business and about the money that you charge I can afford my self to decrease the prices and have how many clients I want, because of the low prime costs. And why I need to think about you when I am creating a pricing policy? I don’t give a damn about you and your business.

My opinion :slight_smile:


And so sad to see people like you that are crying because somebody else is decreasing or having smaller prices. It’s called competition boi. Be the man.


I created this topic because I wanted constructive opinion. And guys above that were first to answer, gave a great feedback. If you want to tell “you don’t know business and sh*t” just simply don’t reply to the topic, and cry to your mom. Because you don’t know group members profits, to make such conclusions.

My English is poor, but I consider you will understand what I wanted to say.

All guys that are above and said something constructive withou shitting someone’s business, Thank You for your time, you are the best!


Hey man, I agree that some gave you feedback in a very harsh way. Surely it could have been formulated better and with a nicer tone.
HOWEVER, I think that the key point here is that you could potentially charge more as they think what you are doing is worth more than what you charge. You could either scale your income/margins or keep the same income but lower volume which would mean less work from your end and a more passive income.
Pricing can be really difficult and I struggle a lot with devaluing my own work to others. You should see it as a good thing that they even tell you this instead of taking it in a negative way.
It is all about perspectives!

I wish you the best of luck with your business! :slight_smile:


So come in conclusion do you actually lower the price or keep the same price? I havent come to conclude myself yet, ill need to see the change in monthly growth in order to conclude this.


Its just insulting to charge that little when people have no issues forking over several hundreds of dollars for the exact thing your doing. Does not bother me one bit (you get what you pay for), however you could definitely be charging more with ease. I mean unless you don’t know what your doing at all, but even gaining 500 followers monthly would keep several of my 300$+ monthly clients happy.

The follower count does not determine our price for our services, you are managing and growing their account, have the knowledge and the tools that they don’t, your using resources ($$$), and most importantly time (or an employees time, who is paid by the hour).

Take that into consideration.

If a client were to be upset about the growth for say a specific month, a simple response we give is

“We do not sell followers nor guarantee a certain amount, we induce new followers via performing targeted actions on your account, and have no way of possibly determining the exact growth as these are real people, however not a single client of ours receives less than xxx monthly”

I mean unless your literally saying “Get 2000 followers monthly guaranteed” this will work, and in my honest opinion anyone who guarantees anything, or especially that amount shouldn’t be in the business. You give an expected amount, and make it very low (even less than 1000). That way, when you EXCEED that number EVERY TIME, your clients are ASTONISHED that you OUTPERFORMED their expectations.

Just my advice!

Remember, you are valuable if you have information and knowledge to grow an Instagram account, without you your client will not grow alone very much at all.

P.S - I have setup fees alone that some clients have to pay - that cost more than your whole monthly service charge…


Hello again @Itsyourtime hope you had a good day!

I just wanna update on my plan since I got inspired by ur comment.

So I decided to move on and increase the price.

I will need to do it eventually so better start this now,
so here after I gave it a few thought,
previously I sold audience targeting and target optimize as one time payment addon,
now Im going to add this into the monthly plan and add a few more service in this monthly plan such as

  • monthly target optimization
  • 24 hours online follower growth report via website
  • content and posts’s guidelines (maybe such as content quality and hashtag using)
  • recommendation to improving Instagram and branding (its going to be some addons cross-selling here again such as content or even autolikes for posts which I previously sale this seperately but never introduce to customer before)
    Im going to look into somewhere 80-100USD monthly for this.

but of couse I still need to keep the old customer who like the cheap service, the price for this is massfollow standalone with around 50 usd (previously only 30-47 USD)

So I guess from the previous 300 accounts
50% of them might dropout but the business should be able to be fine with the rest customer, and even more happier.

what’s your thought on this what should I add, or do I gave them already too much :slight_smile:

looking forward to ur comment