Maybe another shadowban?

Hello guys, some days ago I received the message ‘we’re removing inauthentic likes and follows’. The one that ask to change the password because it looked I have shared my username and password with an app"

I am using Jarvee, and my first reaction was to change the password of IG.

Which on a second thought confirmed to them that I was using a bot or similars.

Yesterday I noticed something strange. My photos that the previous days were in top explore for certain hashtags were not there anymore.

So this is obviously a case of shadowban. No matter what hashtags I put my photos are not found. And I can see also in the insights that no views come from hashtags.

So any suggestions how to cope with this. Should I stop Jarvee for a while? But I am afraid that they can see this as an admission that I am using a bot.

Anyone knows how to recover from a shadowban?


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Plenty of people are getting that message, even those not botting so it’s nothing to worry about.

How to recover from a shadowban has already been discussed quite a few times so I recommend you do some searching, and then if a more specific question comes to mind I’ll gladly participate in the discussion :slight_smile:


Hello Ashua as @Doozy explained it’s a common issue. This is the most recent thread about. For the future i would suggest using the search function before starting a thread because otherwise this forum becomes confusing. Forum is much better usable if the information concerning one topic is bundled in 1 thread. No offense :v:

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Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

did you find any suggestions to get out of the shadow ban? Because I didn’t find it :sweat:
More and more discussions: I’m thinking to link all info.

Please tell me if tou found it.

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Honestly, haven’t find anything special here to get out of it. Someone said to not log in in the acocunt. I am actually experimenting myself. The shadowban is still there, no matter what hashtags I use I don’t appear for these hashtags. In the ‘insights’ there are no views anymore coming from hashtags.

Now I switched from business profile to personal profile and will not log in for some days and see what happens.

Temporary Disable ur Acc for 3-7 days.

What do you mean by ‘disabling’?

Make a tour on the settings, you’ll see an option to temporary disable ur accs, do it for 3-7 days, the re-log and problem should be fixed.


I´m going through the same issue with 2 of my accounts. I´ve tried a lot of suggestions but in the end nothing worked. In the past same thing happend to another account and it ended after 14 days. If you read around is the general consensus for this. So just wait and try to ride it out

I can’t disable accounts: are not mine. I’m managing that, but the owner is my client.

And so, I have to wait?

I have been shadowbanned many times and it lasts for 14 days.
By disabling your account can hurt your engagement also just wait for 14 days.

By waiting do you mean not posting? I have been shadowbanned for over 14 days while posting so I am confused.

So it is more than 14 days?
You can still post it have to just pass 14 days your activity does not matter.

I am still disabled and i’m on day 20. I post twice a day as I wish to keep the engagement the same.

In which niche are you? (By niche mean what type of pics you are posting)

I am the quotes/sad edits niche. I post sad edits and I believe I got shadowbanned as someone reported me for being suicide. I got the notification that I can contact people for help and I have never hit explore since that.

Is your Posts still appearing in Hashtags?

I have not checked that recently because I automate posts. I will check when I post manually later.