Mobile/phone number scraper from Linkedin and other social media platforms?

Hello mates, we know there are several tools which can extract email from Linkedin.

Is there a good tool which can scrape mobile/phone number from these social media platforms (Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook) as well? If we can get something great we will post a review here later. Thank you,

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I’ve heard about such a tool as LinkedIn Lead Extractor

Data miner could do the trick if you look for the codes each country has

“+39/0039” and so on

Which data miner?

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Check this reply into another topic

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It’s a free add-on for Chrome which even beginners can use to extract from pages.

You can download it at

Happy scraping :+1:t2:


Thank you for this great share, just added it to chrome :slight_smile:

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Try Octoparse task template?