Mother/Child/ Fan/ Page strategy- HELP!

Hi guys!

First of all thank you for all the tips and tricks and it really helped me a lot.

The issue what I have at the moment is that I don’t really have the time anymore since I am a full-time videographer. I created around 50 accounts but 20-30 got banned after a while etc. (6 months)

What I would need is someone that is a lot more advance and knows this methode pretty damn well and are willing to do it for to accounts (niche:Travel & Lifestyle).


  • to gain at least 1k per day (2k would be better)
  • Only EU, USA, AU demographics
  • high Engagement (10%-20%)

Therefore we would have an awesome budget and you would have lifetime customers.

IMPORTANT: Please provide proves etc.

If anyone are down to help us build an empire you are more than welcome to join!

Cheers guys!

The names of the people that provide this service are always the same. Do a quick search on the forum and you’ll find them and directly contact them for project details.


in this thread somebody was looking for the same. Good Luck


Not gonna be cheap at all lol, targeting that perfectly with childs is going to make it even more expensive! But good luck bro :wink:


I would recommend that you message @dma0245 he has a great reputation and can probably get the job done :slight_smile:

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I can also do it for you if you drop me a DM. I´ve grown multiple Accounts with this method. Even though I have to say that the Engagement depends on your content and not so much on this growth method.

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If I were you I would work on time management skills, because I don’t know how you don’t have enough time to continue growing your accounts. I have a full-time job too, and I can still manage thousands of accounts. It would be a lot better for you to do it on your own, you would learn a lot plus you wouldn’t spend so much money by hiring someone. Think about it. If you really can’t do it, then sure go on and try to contact some reputable members.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a doubter. I am a big dreamer and I always strive for the impossible, because that is where true growth begins.

But since I hear out that you are not so experienced I just want to make sure that you have clarity. That’s why lets do some maths.

You would like to have 2k followers a day. That’s 60k a month. For that you need, let’s say 200 accounts. 200 accounts doing 500 follows per day x 30 days a month = 3 million follows a month. Let’s say you have a 15% follow back ratio on your slaves and 15% of them are going to follow your main account too. The percentages can be made higher but lets take an average number to keep it simply. 3 million follows x 0.15 = 450k. 450k x 0.15 = 67.5k. So around 150-250 accounts will do the job depending on the settings, your main pages, content, etc.

So you will pay for proxies, software, PVs and maybe for a VPS and accounts unless you’re creating them yourself which I do not believe because you do not have that much time.

Calculate these costs which are not small. And then compare with the price for someone else setting it up for you. If you are very aware of the costs of investing, then you might do it yourself like @JackGagger said.


This new thread can be helpful for you :point_down:


Thank you so much mate!

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lol u need at least 600 to 1000 accounts to get 2k a day in the beginning. :smirk: No one can get 2k with 300 accounts unless he is like an Instagram expert having at least 5 yrs of exp.