Mother Slave Diagram - Theory Good or Not?

I agree but I wouldn’t panel it all over night at once and ensure that engagement is high. Delete posts as needed.

Wondering if this is true? Where do you get trust score info if this is true?

No, you understood correctly. I’m still ignorant about a lot of this and just trying to see if this is viable solution.


Yeah, I’m not sure either, but I feel like that would be quite an easy solution for self-made powerlikes and would be used more by people if it truly worked.

There’s not heaps of info so much about a clear cut guide to how the trust score works or anything like that, mostly because the idea is that Instagram doesn’t straight up reveal that. But naturally, as people work with accounts and get experience they’ve collaborated and worked out things that are and aren’t good. General idea is to make it look as human-like as possible. There are different things to consider for all the different actions.


Noone can confirm this, It’s all theory because none of us work at IG. But you can look at Twitter and how they work. Twitter implemented a lot of this first.

Trust score is not like a website trust score at all. Best you can do is measure two things. Actions per day, and reach.

If you bot, and you have a PG niche, good proxies etc, and have a shitty reach, then you probably bought a shitty account with low Trust Score or do too many actions.

If you do too many actions per day, your reach slips. Thats a whole different kind of Trust. Mother slave means fewer API calls, so it’s reach is “virgin”. The “child/slave” accounts sacrifice these things to provide for the mother.

You can’t find trust like you can with Twitter. You can only work around it.
PS: Edited: I had some beers ok? My theories are still sound


Thanks for clarifying. I was thinking power likes were mainly based on followers not Virgin accounts with a bunch of followers but I see how that comes into play to boost engagement . That probably determines if it’s a good engagement group to be in or not but a lot of the power like groups are based on followers. The selection process to let you in will be the determining factor as well.

I also ask myself How many of those accounts with 100k+ in a powerlikes group are virgin accounts. I mean yeah they’re a few and the place to find them would be here but most of the time I don’t see people using their main accounts to like comment on other pages.

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Power likes can get diluted over time as well. But say, Kyliejnner liked your post, that’s a straight virgin like. (spoiler, shes not, the like is). But She likes very few posts. If you have a 1 million follower account and make 4 likes a month? Sure you might get a lot from it. But if the same account makes 14,000 likes, they are diluted. There is a power likes expert here but I can’t find his name just yet.

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In any human activity, the more layers you place – the crappier the results. M/S is simple – 1 account promoting 1( all them will be different levels – size, activity – etc). No need to add layers 2/3/4/6/7/8/1000,1000 – KISS principle.


Listen to @Alexnvo.

@Dconley is the powerlike expert. @Alexnvo runs his own network and knows more than 99% of us.


Yeah, that makes sense. I was trying to hedge my work but I guess that way makes it simpler and not as stressful.

Ha, good to know


@Alexnvo knows more than almost anyone about a network, and his own powerlikes. So he can tell you tell more than most about best practices. @Dconley specializes in them (as far as I know, I’ve not chatted with them in a while but I know they know their stuff)


Nothing wrong with the way you have it set up but you are making it a little more complicated depending on what your end goal is?

If your business account is in a travel niche and you are trying to make it as big as possible and you already have viral content then i would double down on the 4th section and make a lot of travel accounts. Once these are a few thousand followers and getting a few hundred likes have them follow the business account and start liking posts. Once these accounts hit 10K I post from my main and open a ton of embedded browsers and manually like and comment on the business post.

Sections 2 and 3 sound like overkill.
Just get a few accounts to scrape strict user filters for your power accounts
Get a few accounts that DM users
Get as many power accounts as you can
Make sure your hashtags are good


Thank you @Alexnvo AND @Dconley

@kennypowers I just want to say, you have good ideas. Stick around, keep them coming, as well as good solid questions, and good things will happen. There are some amazing people here that you won’t find at BHW.

@Alexnvo and @Dconley have been instrumental to many. Pay it forward when you can. You won’t regret it.


I do M/S and have definitely wasted time overthinking it or over-strategising (with all sorts of things related to IG in general), and that is more learnt from hindsight, and once you know what things work and that you would have gone straight to doing things like that if you had to do again. If you can do it easily where some accounts do different actions and you feel that genuinely adds benefit then maybe that’s good, but if it starts taking up heaps of additional time thinking it out and implementing it (which it seems like it will) where you could instead just use one simple action to get traffic to the main account then all that theory and fancy strategising is not really useful at all.

So yeah, KISS as @alexnvo says, haha :slight_smile:


I remember when you first showed up with a zillion questions and wanted to start a zillion accounts too.
Your message above tells me you matured and now are getting much better. excellent!


Yeah, that was just silly of me.

Now I’m just aiming for a trillion. :slight_smile:


Doesn’t Jarvee have an engagement group feature where the procedure below can be automated? :slight_smile:

I’m running a large M/S network as well, and have thought about implementing this sort of setup. Will probably experiment with it over the next month.

@Dconley, in your experience, if one was to have 1k niche-related accounts with 1k+ followers like the post, and 50 of those with the most followers comment as well, is that enough to gain the same benefits as a few pages with 10k+ liking/commenting?


Yes i believe they do have that feature but i haven’t used it.

The M/S network is great too because doing the powerlike method works better on viral content or content thats easy to engage with.

I never used anything niche related close to that scale pointing at one account so I’m not sure but I would be almost shocked if it didnt work.

Take a look at money.focus on IG they are doing something similar to what i’m trying to say. If you dig through their comments or even turn post notifications on you will see they have a wide range of accounts from 900 followers to 30K liking and commenting within 10 minutes. Occasionally they post a bad piece of content or they receive the likes or comments too late and delete it. You can find hundreds of accounts doing insane strategies just by spending a few hours doing some searching.

Something else that i believe helps is saving the post and sharing if possible.


I agree. Do you have any experience with a limit on this strategy? What happens if I want 1000 slaves, is that safe to do or should I build in some more layers at that point? :thinking:


The person whose thread this is, is a level 1.


Lol. Thanks @wortime, changed it back :grimacing:


You were doing the right thing, just thought I’d point it out.