Mother/Slave for Instagram: Truth Revealed

Decided to remove the post, thanks for such warm welcome lol

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Congrats on the growth! You will find lots of people on MP that do M/S and they do it well. People can grow accounts at 1,000k followers a day etc. Won’t call anyone out haha.

I know a famous rapper that has a million followers that used M/S. He followed me and we talked about how he got famous and mentioned m/s.

My m/s setup works perfectly and I can leave it running for weeks with no issues outside of scrapers dying. Only hard part for me is seeing how far I can scale and how much that will cost with jarvee, proxies, vps etc as I am ver niche specific at the moment.

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Sorry, what truth did you just revealed ? Probably missed something out :thinking:


That m/s can be used to grow accounts. Think both of us are well versed in m/s enough to agree with that!

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hey heroeslair - just wanted to ask say you have your brand like nike and your looking to build you MS - how many slaves do u usually make to send to your main account?

Many thanks!

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Depends how many followers I want to give to the account really. from 20-100s.

I only use 50 on my personal account, while the rest goes to clients depending how much they want to grow.

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Hey mate are you a IG mole?, what truth are you talking about? Your post make no sense, it seems you are seeking information on M/S rather than giving any value. I am confused maybe I missed something, but you have not revealed anything about M/S


Looks like he just wants to sell something not provide value to the community :roll_eyes:

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Here is lots of value for Mother/ Slave. Just to help people that come to this post feeling unsatisfied.


Good posts, true reference in here

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Thanks man! Appreciated

There is too much value in this post! Thanks for sharing. I can now make $1000/day on my own


OMG im so glad i came across this thread. There’s TONS of value here that even IG staff wouldn’t know about it. im sooo thank full for you. Why not get the fuck out of here with your bullshit?
if you’re trying to promote your service just atleast do it in ethical way not by clickbait.

Moderators, please stop being sleep and do your job.


Always good to see people getting involved, but I had to check the claim about Sunny Co. Clothing out.

The most successful Instagram campaign ever? That’s a bold claim.

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Thanks for sharing teteral :pray: :pray:

I think he will not ever come back :disappointed_relieved:

That’s a very nice share mate. Thank you, this CNET article was very valuable. What do you think about it @teteral ? Is that still

By the way, (if you are legit) your prices are very high for what one would get

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Well it sure is weird how many assumptions everyone is making. Was just trying to hear other success stories with MS…

Depends on how you look at it!

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No promo. Just trying to add to the community.

First post here. Just trying to add to this great community. Seems like you’re upset for some reason