My 10 minute daily routine - instagram (MANUAL)

Every morning my girlfriend mediates for 10 minutes whilst I do my instagram marketing routine, it works perfectly so i thought id share it. I do this every day whenever i have some free time to slowly increase my engagement and create new connections. I don’t know much about instagram but went from getting 70-80 likes a post to now getting a maximum of 800.
Bare in mind my content has got a lot better but still, a lot of it is due to this!

  1. Engage current followers
  • I spend the first few minutes just scrolling down my timeline and liking/commenting on any posts that i enjoy - all the people im following are from F/UF so most are either already following me, or targeting enough that i want them as a follower.
  • Go to your notifications and see any new followers - go to their page and like/comment or sometimes send them a dm thanking for the follow if they’re a cool page
  • Look through as many stories as you care to do and engage with them using the emojis that show up - super easy and gets people talking
  1. Find new people
  • I go into my list of hashtags and go through a few and engage with the first 9 on the featured page and also the first 9 on the recently posted (as some on the featured are very old)
    Side tip - MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW ALL THE HASHTAGS YOU USE - they show up in your normal feed so its super easy to engage if you’re doing it quickly without much attention!
  • I do a little F/UF - usually find an account in my niche with good engagement (the better ER of the account the better follow back ratio) and interact/follow 10-15 people that have a cool page - don’t bother following low quality/wrong niche accounts as you want your followers to be as specific as possible!

When posting:

  • When i make a post i sit down and spend 10 minutes or so doing it, making sure i tag all the relevant people i want to see it (usually fashion brands for me) / use relevant hashtags / make sure everything is spelt correctly etc
  • I then interact with posts in the hashtags im going to use before my post, then post it and do the same after to create a bit of traction at the start
  • Another good tip is to go into your last post and like all the comments that people have left - this will send them a little notification and hopefully they’ll check out your profile and see your new post!

Extra tip:
Hashtag research - I didn’t pay much attention as it sounded confusing but decided to dive into it and it pays off a lot. Haven’t gone viral or had tons of traffic from them but it definitely helps! I use a website called flick but will not go into detail on how to use it.

I kind of just rambled a bit so may tidy this up/add things i have forgot in the future!

Trying to give back to the community and get level 2 so i hope you enjoy :smiley:




Nice one man! I was just about to sit down and write a 30 minute morning routine for myself (what is this, a yoga forum? :sweat_smile:), so I’ll be taking one or two things for myself.

Luckily, I find my new follower numbers are low enough that I can still DM every new follower.

I’ve got a spreadsheet with my top influencers that I can consult and share their stories as well - helps me to remember who is most worth my time.

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haha strange times we live in!

Please let me know any tips you find etc id appreciate that.

that’s a great idea, i find it long to remember influencers in my niche :smiley:

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Here’s a sample of how my ‘social media’ CRM looks on Google Sheets. If all you’re dealing with is Instagram, you can get rid of that first column. The user tag and name is self explanatory.

The important bit is that I have followers, engagement rate, and average actions on each of their posts.

Whenever I add a person, I fill in followers, plug the IG tag into this engagement rate calculator (it’s quick and easy), and have the avg actions set to auto fill on the Google Sheet.

I sort highest to lowest by average actions, and that way I avoid those people with huge followings but really low engagement when I’m doing my morning rounds.

It’s a bit heavy handed, but I do it because this is my main account and it’s a respected business, so it helps to engage with my actual influencers.


jeez, that’s insightful for sure. will definitely have a look into it!

currently just saving pages that i like and go back to remember the pages but this is a lot more targeted

Some excellent tips here @SBG. Thanks for the post. It’s a good reminder that if you have a routine and are very focused you can accomplish a great deal in a short amount of time.

Do you mind sharing the niche and amount of followers of your account.

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Thank you! I’m a fashion photographer with 5k followers :blush:

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You really are a hustler man! You are really plunging for the long run! Thanks for the post

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Well cause it’s my profession that I’m advertising I feel like I need to set up a long term strategy!

By no means knowledgeable on the subject but it’s a start!

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Your job is online marketing?

No, I am a fashion photographer, so I mean use it to promote that :blush:

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Oh yeah. You can take so many awesome shots and upload them on TT. I saw a channel that does very well with photography here on MPsocial. You should check him out: @alex.stemp

oo i shall definitely check that out!

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He is very successful, maybe the most successful photographer on TT.

ahh i just had a look and have actually seen him before.

the problem with TikTok for me is that there is so much extra work editing the videos/creating BTS etc etc that i just don’t have time for it!

On my next shoots i definitely will be more focused on BTS content etc for additional posts!

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Oh. Yeah, I imagine that there is a lot of editing, but I’m sure it will bring good returns for you. Even if it is only experience, or you can build up your portfolio on TT and show your clients.

I just checked his account and saw his old thread… he had 900k followers in Dec 2019 and now he has 7.3 M… that’s really awesome!


He really is the definition of “Content Creator”. He creates awesome content that entices users to watch and engage.

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Yep his content is super high quality and crazy growth… inspiring. My photography is also great quality (its my job) but i don’t have the time to create extra content as im usually shooting for clients etc

but with that being said im definitely going to try it now we all have some free time and see what happens!

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Exactly, this is the time where you can experiment. Hustle how much you can. I forgot to say to you, you can also start an Youtube channel and promote it on TT. Make long-form videos if you are confortable, BTS, getting clients, finding locations, shooting people.

You know it better.

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