My Instagram Account was banned recently could someone help me?

Hello Lads,

my Instagram Account got disabled for violating terms, but i didn´t do anything wrong.
It is very important for me to use Instagram because I´m running my business on it.


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Hi Sabalan

You need to provide us a fuller picture. You simply cannot get banned without doing anything wrong…

Also, going to Ig and requesting for your account to be restored is the first step.

I literally got banned for no reason, I contacted Instagram several times now, but they are not responding.

Is it a TOS or Copyright takedown

Check out the links in these threads. Sometimes you literally need to appeal 100s of times to get your account back:


The strugle is real!

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so just Spam, Spam and Spam?

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Yes bro, should I literally just spam them?

Make new one :slight_smile:

Absolutely yes!
Look, Eventually some ban appeal will work.
In my case I’m personally trying several times and if I see nothing works - I’m moving to the next big account
I got TONS of big account from the past the I just left just because I didn’t know it is THAT EASY to restore them

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more data/ info needed

did you repost someones content? did you use copyrighted content? such as music in the background?

have you abused automation tools or SMM panels?

be honest if you are seeking for help in this forum

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and or, tell us what is you business

had account with 250k+ followers disabled for a while because of link in bio

Godd luck recovering it, its a long journey

Yes some times it takes a little annoying To convince Instagram to unban your account

I really did nothing wrong my account had 12k followers

Could U maybe Tell me which Ban Appeal will Work, because, they’re telling me to use the in app ban appeal but it’s not responding to me.

All the links in my thread(somebody shared it here already) are working just fine for me

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The Problem ist thats I don’t have access to this links what should I do

Get to lvl 2 !

What ist the fastest way to get level 2