My LinkedIn Journey (Days 1-3)

So I finally decided to use LinkedIn to try and get clients for my Business.

I decided to use LinkedIn over FB or Google Ads since; for FB the ads were too expensive and were not converting (may have been my copy but the service is also very niche) + Google was being dominated by the large businesses for all the keywords for my service for a program that I do the service on.

So this leads me to what everyone says is the best B2B marketing service LinkedIn.

I first started by buying the sales navigator and manually adding people whose Job my service would make easier and of course CEO’s and Company Owners. This was taking a lot of time.

In about 2 days I had added around 350 people and sent 350 messages and got around 100 replies to the message but only 1 person who was actually interested in the service for their business.

So today i decided to venture into the automation world of LinkedIn (not going to say what I’m using don’t want to violate rules) and I am currently set up to do around 250 page views a day than 1 hour after viewing page send a connection and 4 hours after connecting send a short message detailing my service. (100 connections + messages a day)

I have heard of people getting banned for LinkedIn for automation so In my opinion, these settings feel very lax and hopefully will not be picked up!

Excited to read about other’s experiences on Linkedin along with any advice you have for me.

I don’t view profiles, otherwise you’re doing something close to what I am… Keep your requests between 80-100/day with navigator and you’ll be fine…