My TikTok Journey - help appreciated

So I’ve always been weary of TikTok as it looks so childish and still not sure if i really like it. But decided to give it a try whilst its still relatively new.

My account niche is Aggressive Inline Skating - very narrow niche but also hopefully exciting enough to get views.

Reason: I am hopefully going to be working with a big rollerskating brand and thought it’d be good to be one step ahead with a large following in that niche.

Im still new to the platform so any ideas/tips/tricks you can give me I’m open to!
I will be doing everything organically and just reposting instagram videos.

Creation Date: 6/4/2020 (UK DATE)
Niche: Inline Skating
Posts: 4
Following: 68
Followers: 24
Likes: 165
Views (estimate): 5k

Again, this is just an experiment of which i don’t really know what I’m doing, so any help appreciated!


Day 2

Im going to stop counting views, unless there’s a way to see your total? as im posting a lot and will become tiresome

Strategy - I decided to switch to finding youtube videos of skaters, downloading them and cutting them into short clips of one or two tricks - much better.

2 of my videos caught traction, one with 10k views and one with 7k and rising.

Creation Date: 6/4/2020 (UK DATE)
Niche: Inline Skating
Posts: 14 +10 (posting every 30/60 mins)
Following: 113
Followers: 80
Likes: 714
Views (estimate): 20k~

any help still appreciated, i have a feeling ill get lots of traction today

One of my videos has hit 15k views, a whole day after I posted it.

If anyone’s interested I’ll give my method of getting content for my page? Been said before but I’ll break it down for efficiency


Creation Date: 6/4/2020 (UK DATE)
Niche: Inline Skating
Posts: 22 +8
Following: 13 - f/uf is too slow
Followers: 267
Likes: 2508
Views (estimate): 60k ~

1 video blew up and got 40k views and another is at 12k.

If you haven’t got tiktok yet I’m not sure what you’ve been doing. So easy.


Nice grow there, keep it up, curious to see where this can go :slight_smile:

As for this :

Feel free to write a tutorial on how to do it, we have a contest on the forum, you can enter and win some cool stuff :wink:

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Creation Date: 6/4/2020 (UK DATE)
Niche: Inline Skating
Posts: 25 (+3)
Following: 13 - f/uf is too slow
Followers: 303
Likes: 2859

first video to get a lot of views stopped at 40k, my 2nd is now climbing, currently at 20k

and i have a recent post ill keep an eye on with 3k views


This looks like a really good way to produce something! Thanks for sharing.

How are you downloading the YT videos? Without a huge team - and given the current lock down and my niche - this sort of creation/alteration might be the best way for me to get started on TikTok.

EDIT: DM sent in case you wanted to follow through with this:


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Will reply in dm! Happily share it but I will make a proper post I think


Actually I just copied and pasted the dm I sent as a guide so here it is!


I posted another video, similar style to the one that went viral and its gained 12k views in 3 hours, and i looked once when it was at 3k views and literally 20 minutes later it was at 12k. crazy.

So theres definitely a trend, big exciting tricks were the content for both videos that got alot of views.

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Creation Date: 6/4/2020 (UK DATE)
Niche: Inline Skating
Posts: 27 (+3)
Following: 13 - f/uf is too slow
Followers: 404
Likes: 4233

As you can see, yesterday was a pretty good day, I posted another ‘Send it’ video (big tricks) and after 3 hours it had 2k views which sounded promising. I checked again literally less than 20 minutes later and it had 20k views. Crazy.

What ive noticed is that all my 3 videos that have gained traction all got to a certain point of views (22k/46k/40k) and stopped dead in their tracks, not even an extra few K views of the stragglers. Weird.

TikTok is weird and crazy

I just wanted to say that i really dont enjoy using this app, it feels cheesy and not very community based, maybe I should give it more time. But i cant see me doing much more with this other than an experiment that doesnt use up alot of my time


it seems that you have caught some attention… so why give up? you just need to focus more on those 3 videos and the views that you got and try to upgrade a bit and see how it goes, it has been only 5 days since the start, I did like the way the account is growing especially this one “. I checked again literally less than 20 minutes later and it had 20k views. Crazy.”

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I’m not giving up, but I’m just not going to spend time doing f/uf and interacting with other accounts etc. curious to see if/how my page grows

Sorry, my first comment was a bit vague


I understand, please keep us updated, I’m curious as well :smile:

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Creation Date: 6/4/2020 (UK DATE)
Niche: Inline Skating
Posts: 29 (+2)
Following: 13 - f/uf is too slow
Followers: 599
Likes: 6381

So yesterday i didn’t spend any time on the app apart from uploading 2 videos. My video with 20k views suddenly shot up to 40k and then stopped.

and my big video that was sitting on 60k views for a day or two suddenly shot up to 100k!!

Ive seen that the algorithm shows it to different tiers of audience and im sure that’s right too, its like the videos got stuck at a gate of a few days before being let loose again to get more views!

As well as this all my other videos are starting to get views days after due to all the followers im getting. pretty dope!

but again, the more i use the app the less i feel connected.


thank you for sharing this… I’m thinking of starting my TikTok journey after reading your guide. :smiley:


Maybe those 20 k and 40 k videos got more engagement in the last hours that is why the algorithm showed them to other users, but I think the more Tiktok love you the more you hate it :joy: :joy:

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I’m in the same boat with you. 1 video of mine shot up at 50k. Stopped there, and now I think it will be revived in the next few days.
Also my recent posts don’t get the same traction. Quality Content as always but I don’t know why it doesn’t work.

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Yeah its very hit and miss… id say 1/10 of my videos gain any decent traction

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I’m currently trying to expand to other niches to double down on the strategy and hope that I will do something worthwhile. Maybe start a youtube, becoming a guru :wink: or maybe selling stuff. I dont know, I focus solely on growth now. Without monetizing.


Id love to do something similar although im so busy with my other work even in corona that i don’t think i have time :frowning:

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