How to create a tiktok repost page with minimal effort

Hey, so a similar guide was posted but it was a bit tedious and if you want to do what I did and make a very low effort/average reward page that can grow as tiktok grows then check this out.

I only got on tiktok a few days ago so I don’t really have a lot of experience but it’s tried and tested so here’s my method…

My niche is online skating so I will reference that, but this can work for any niche (inline skating is pretty narrow)

  • go into YouTube and type in ‘best skate tricks of all time’ (or something relevant to your niche) - a million videos pop up, download your favorites
  • most of them are 3-5 minute long, I download the whole video and put it into an app called INSHOT
    Then go to the canvas size and click on tiktok. Now all your landscape videos will fit (they still look pretty shit but literally no one cares)
  • I spend 30-45 mins cutting all these up into little clips on my iPhone, just trim the main video, save as new clip, repeat.
  • from here you usually get 20~ clips from 1 vid (depends on how long you want your clips obviously)
  • and then from here I just post it… I spend a couple of minutes really making sure I’ve done everything because there’s so many things you can add like effects etc which actually look really good if you understand it! -

my upload checklist - add/remove music (trending songs seem to do best) - make sure the thumbnail is good (my results seem to show it’s important) - add effects where needed (they look cool if you use them subtly) - use relevant hashtags & also #fyp/#goviral/#trending etc - these seem to actually work

  • another tip is whenever I have a minute I’ll upload as many videos as I can and save them all to drafts so I can just post them within seconds if I needed to!
  • last tip: try and get your video to fit into a phrase of music, therefore when they rewatch it’s much smoother and more likely to keep playing, rather than if the music is cut half way through it sounds super awkward (this isn’t tested but I have a degree in music and I’m pretty sure this is something to consider!)

Probably missed some stuff but let me know. My videos are average quality and they do amazing so if you could find some high quality videos shot in portrait to do the same method then you’re laughing!

The main thing is that engagement is free here at the moment, even low quality vids do well considering. So keep that in mind.

my page is: @theskatemag
Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Following your journey! Cheers for the motivation.

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Love it man. Watching this

Since you’ve just shared a tutorial you might want to join the giveaway :wink:

Nice, this is very useful. Thanks for adding value :+1:t3:

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Ooo great thank you, didnt even know that was a thing! So i just put #inforthegiveaway at the end of the thread?

thanks again

Very useful, thank you!

np, yes… that, and there’s one more step easier than what you already did, just read the instructions there, and good luck :wink:

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Also, just want to add im sharing my journey starting from day 1 on tiktok on this thread so check that out if needed :slight_smile:

Love the tutorial, thanks! :smiley:

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my pleasure! will update it if i ever find out new tricks

Any new tips and tricks? :slight_smile:


Nope sorry, will update soon.

Ive been posting once a day, doing nothing else and im still growing at an extreme rate, so id say pick a good nice, post regularily and you’re laughing!

Great Guide!
I want to help you with this step,

Being a professional video and VFX editor myself, I know of a method you can do this in under 5 min. Download the youtube clip, and open it up in Adobe Premiere Pro (i’m assuming you have access to it).

Create a new sequence with the aspect ratio of tiktok, and preferred resolution the platform wants their content to be uploaded in.
Drag the long youtube video into the Premiere sequence, reposition it if needed using the transform tools on the “effect controls” tab in the top left, and drag your playhead to last frame of the first segment, click “Command/Ctrl + K” to split the track at the frame you were on. Repeat this to divide the entire video into multiple segments
Now the fun part:
Go to file -> project manager -> make sure your sequence name is checked -> select consolidate and transcode -> set source to individual clips.
Make sure not to include “handles” as tiktok videos dont have a black screen at the beginning and end.
Click ok and they will all be exported into individual clips automatically.

Note that Premiere is a monthly subscription (unless you acquired it in other ways).


Thank you!

I do have premiere pro but its on my work laptop which isn’t with me at the moment due to this horrible situation but will definitely switch over to this, it looks a lot easier

Following on from the above comment I found an even BETTER way to post videos.

Before as i was ripping from youtube there were blackbars galore.

UPDATED METHOD: I now do the same thing as stated in my prior comment but then crop the video into 16:9 which is obviously a horrible crop for a horizontal video, but as im only posting skating tricks then as long as the skater fits in the small crop it looks amazing!

Back to posting 3x a day and the content quality has shot up, excited to crack on and see if this method produces better results


This is awesome. Thanks for posting.

My pleasure! I shall update it this weekend

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Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

This ^ was looking for it too. Maybe he changed the name?