Mythbusting | Shadowbans · Datacenter Proxies & More

Hello everyone

I see a lot of misinformation on here on a daily basis. I’d like to clear up some confusion around certain topics for the sake of newcomers mainly, and those who are on the fence about these specific issues.

If you have any further misunderstandings you’d like to contribute; please feel free to add your personal experiences to the comments section, but only if you’re 100% sure of what you’re talking about.

Myth I: Datacenter Procies Don’t Work

I’ve used datacenter proxies for over 5 years and have never experienced any serious trouble using them. People are claiming that since June, datacenter proxies are no longer a viable solution for instagram management. I claim this to be completely false provided you’re using a decent provider. I argue that I’ve experienced less action blocks than a lot of people using mobile proxies; some of whom are experiencing an influx of blocks even today. I don’t have a single action block at the present time, aside from a few like blocks on client accounts who just can’t help themselves - as well as false embedded browser blocks. Here’s a small snippet from my Jarvee account for peace of mind:

Screen Shot


I’m not saying that mobile proxies aren’t the best solution for instagram management, nor am I claiming that datacenter proxies are better than mobile proxies - but datacenter proxies are in no way an extinct means of managing accounts in my personal experience.

Myth II: Changing Datacenter Proxies Lowers Account Trust Rating

Technicalities aside, this just isn’t true. If anything, the opposite is true. Should you change proxies every day? No. Should you change proxies every week? Preferably not if you can avoid it. But changing them after a while gives your account a breath of fresh air. Specifically, if you’re experiencing consistent blocks, logouts, or are unable to log back into an account after some time, it’s time to consider changing your proxy.


Don’t change your proxies too often, but definitely change them after long periods of time. They go stale, and your account will perform much better with a new one every now and again, especially if you’re experiencing issues.

Myth III: Changing Device IDs Lowers Trust Score

This one is quite puzzling. If it were true, then mostly every single fairly active Instagrammer would have a low trust score. I’ve personally logged into my Instagram account from multiple locations, both on PC, Mac and various mobile devices, including all of my own devices, my family’s devices, devices in local internet cafes, on the phones and computers of friends, and so the list goes on. This is normal behavior, provided you aren’t doing it too frequently. Also, people get new phones all the time. If Instagram blocked every person logging in on a second device, there would be a serious problem. Once again, should you do it every day? No.


Resetting your device ID if you’re experiencing serious issues can be of significant help. I would recommend changing IPs at the same time in order to have a completely clean slate.

Myth IV: Instagram Shadowbanning Isn’t Real

Let me tell you a story. Automation started for me on Instavast (the good old days), as I’m sure it did for a lot of you as well. I used M/S to grow my personal account, but I was too much of a beginner at the time to understand how to add a proxy to my account. To be honest, I didn’t even know what a proxy was. Oh how things have changed.

I mainly built my following by commenting with the slave accounts, directing people to the main. Pretty straightforward (not to mention it was never easier at the time). At first this worked exceptionally well, but then all of a sudden, when Instavast was no longer the platform it used to be anymore, my growth slowed down drastically. ‘How could this be?’ I thought. Everything was going so well. I was still posting comments, but they were no longer receiving any interaction.

I was still receiving notifications that I was being tagged by my slave accounts, and I could see the comments right there in the comment section of each post. But here’s the thing: As soon as I checked the same posts off a different Instagram account and IP, they weren’t there!


Don’t believe everything you read online. Most people who blog about issues like these have no idea what they’re talking about and just parrot information they’ve read on another blog.

Instagram was showing me my own comments, as well as my main account who was tagged, but it was hiding the comments for the post owner. This explains scenarios such as why sometimes you can click on a post which says ‘2 comments’, but only see 1 comment.

It is also interesting to note, that after about a year of leaving these accounts un-automated, I all of a sudden received an influx of comments likes on comments from 158+ weeks ago, almost as if those old hidden comments were now being shown to people again.

The best part is that I received no warning or notification that any of this was happening. There are probably plenty of similar mechanisms based on trust rating that we don’t even know about, such as Instagram’s method of lowering people’s position in the search based on their account trust rating and history.

Myth V: If Your Posts Don’t Appear in a Hashtag You’re Shadowbanned

This is my favourite one. It has been over a year since Instagram implemented a change to their algorithm which personalizes hashtag results. Even if you have a billion followers on Instagram, your posts will not be shown to everyone. No two Instagrammers are guaranteed to see the same results in a hashtag search. Even the ‘Recent’ tab is personalized and does not show every single post from that tag in chronological order.


If you’re worried about your post’s hashtag reach, check your business insights to see if your post has any reach from hashtags.

Further, use hashtags which are highly relevant to your content so that you actually make an impression on people who see it. The more time people spend looking at your post, and reading your post caption, the more likely you are to trend, and the more likely other people who follow the hashtags you use will be shown your posts.

Just because your post has low hashtag reach doesn’t mean you’re shadowbanned. You could have just picked your hashtags really poorly.

Myth VI: If Your Engagement Has Dropped Consistently Over Time There’s Something Wrong With Your Account

Instagram is continually updating their algorithm so that people are shown content which is truly relevant to them. This can be seriously invasive at times, but for the most part it keeps people on the application longer. It does however make our lives more difficult.

They’re clever in this sense because they can truly say ‘we’re not lowering people’s reach’ and not be lying. This is because their primary goal is to make the user experience more relevant to the individual. It just so happens that the result of these changes means that everyone’s posts are shown to less people, even if they’re more relevant people. This goes hand in hand with personalized hashtag results, as discussed above.


Everyone is experiencing less reach, so you’re not alone. Focus on keeping up to date with the latest industry news, post excellent quality content with engaging captions and highly relevant hashtags to each individual post and you’ll be a cut above the rest.

Parting Advice

If you’re uncertain about a topic to any degree, feel free to share your input and have a discussion with the community, but don’t go around claim-stating facts that you don’t know to be true. Just because something happened in your experience doesn’t make it true. I also encourage those who do know what they are talking about to call people out on any false information. People’s livelihoods are at stake on here and we should all be helping each other grow by providing solid information that is trustworthy.



I think something else to discuss is why Instagram functions the way it does and why certain updates happen.

Typically most people think Instagram is built for them. While yes, user experience is clearly a huge concern for the Instagram development team…

…their ultimate goal is to increase user retention and revenue through getting brands to spend money on ads.

The perfect example? The recent ‘like removal’. Perfectly marketed as a mental health update… which yes is relevant. But Instagram doesn’t make these changes or do these tests for that primary reason. It’s to see if they can push more ad spend as it’s the way they generate revenue.

No more likes… no more spending money on influencers — this I imagine is their theory as if you’re a business, it’s harder to judge your ROI as you can no longer measure the infleuncers follower to engagement ratio. Thus ads become the more safe route for brands to spend money on and guarantee the reach they want.


This is extremely interesting. I will definitely revert to DC proxies with some of my clients’ accounts to test it.


This is what I’m talking about. Welcome to the forum. Adding value. Not taking up space.


I’m curious about your experience further on this re datacenter proxies. Have you found any correlation between less issues with proxies (even with data center) that are physically closer to the client’s actual location?

I’m wondering if this might further help avoid IG’s possible detection of multiple devices running from multiple locations simultaneously.


Thanks for posting this

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thanks man, would you mind sharing your DC proxy provider and your jarvee settings?
It would be much appreciated. thanks

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I can find myself in this.

DC’s arent by far dead. At some point my DC’s were performing perfectly again until i got blocked. Not sure who’s at fault, IG playing weekly or monthly games or just me not randomizing enough.

I DEF agree with the comments. I used to grow my mains 500 a day with 50 childs or so with comments before armageddon. Now i need double if not triple the amount of childs to get that same amount to my mains and my slaves comments dont seem to show up anymore although it shows up as being there. It just is not. Follow for follow is just much much slower and less ACTIVE than commenting which is pretty agressive show people the way (to your main).

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This is something I’d like to strongly reiterate, and the closest I’ve seen anyone come to knowing exactly what goes on with the supposed “shadow ban.” My only claim to fame of insider instagram info is about this subject. Shadow bans technically do not exist. Or rather, they don’t exist in the way that I’ve seen 99% of “gurus” and copy past articles explain that they exist.

What you’re dealing with is the horrific Facebook type algorithm. Which leads me to something else that I always stress over, and over, and over again. Content is not always king. It doesn’t matter how amazing it is, at the end of the day what rules Instagram on a consistent basis, is the dollar.

And buckle up folks, it’s going to get worse.

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Great post - agree that “shadowban” is an excuse used by users who can’t admit they need to work on better sources / engagement / content.

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Couldn’t agree with you more. Their greed for ad spend ultimately diminishes the user experience, in my opinion. There are thousands of comments on their Twitter for example of people begging for older features like chronological feed and they just blatantly ignore those types of requests for their own agenda.

I think that the like removal would have been a great step forward for Instagram as a platform had they removed liking altogether - but they are still going to show likes to post owners, which makes no sense to me and will introduce a whole new array of issues which I’ve already aired my opinion on several times on the forum.

What does make sense about leaving likes on for the post owner?

They’ll still get a dopamine hit from ad spend.

I agree with you on influencer spending as well, especially with things like micro-influencer marketing legitimacy becoming an issue for brands.

BOF sums it up issues surrounding this brilliantly in their recent post:


Please share your findings with us. Make sure that you’re using proxies which are country specific to the current location of your clients for optimum results.

Appreciate it coming from you, Mr Smith!

Well written and valuable content. Thanks for that :v:

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Yes I have. I only use proxies which are country-specific to the client in order to avoid things like login issues. Most of the time I don’t even need to go through a verification process when logging into new accounts.

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I am going to have to disagree with you on the hashtag shawdowban. Although it is true that IG might personalize your results but I’ve had posts hidden from hashtags from the account that posted the photo.

I also did the test with very unsual hashtags with less than 10 posts. I posted the same photo with 3 different accounts. The photo appeared in the Recent tab for 2 accounts but not for the shadowbanned account on all 3 accounts.

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Good read thanks op!

Id say that the hashtag and shadowban thing is easy to check. Post with a tag thats barely used, like 0-10 posts, no matter how personalized you should show up.
I always show up when things are normal but never when In shadowbanned

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Exactly. Hashtag shadowban is not a myth

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This is so perfectly said that I feel like me trying to add anything to the conversation would be an insult.

Totally agree.


It’s my pleasure. Thank you for reading!