Need to buy Raw Mobile or Regular Mobile Proxies


Please excuse my ignorance, but are you saying to go these profiles @HenryCooper , @Verona , etc from the original thread and buy mobile proxies from them? This all seems very odd to me as I usually go to a proxy website and buy proxies


they are the best man trust me .


The forum says to send you a personal message, but I cannot figure out how to do that either. I must be really not understanding how this forum works -sorry!


Thank you - So I am getting varying advice, using mobile proxies would be advantageous for managing IG profiles on Jarvee. Some are saying you do not want the proxy to continue changing and I should use a residential proxy. Really confused here


1- yes you do not want the proxy to change several times a day, not good for Growing/managing Client
2- Mobile proxies, usually only change once a day, sometime it does not change for 2-3 days
3- Residential is not better then mobile proxies .

so let me tell you best proxies for managing Accounts that are not spammy , by order.

1- Mobile Proxies 1:1
2- Raw mobile proxies ( if you know what you are doing )
3- STICKY Residential proxies
4- Sticky DataCenter Proxies from well known provider ( F/U ONLY )

Usually Residential proxies rotates 30-40 times a day !, dont just buy Residential proxies without asking for sticky ones… trust me


Thank you! You sound like you definitely know what is happening.
So, I looked at @Henry Cooper and clicked the link and it took me Social Growth and then it is asking for a Ticket Title.
Please excuse my ignorance, but I just cannot figure this whole thing out.
It looks like I want to purchase Mobile Proxies 1:1, but you do not buy them from normal companies?
Can you send me a link? This forum is also asking me to send you a personal message, but I cannot figure out how to do that either. Maybe because I am brand new, they will not allow me that option?


Companies will give you ones that are not Optimized for Instagram purpose, so they are usually selling it for Site scrappers , spammers …etc
who actually need the IP to be changed frequently

in your Case you want proxies that are optimized for Instagram by going to someone who is expert in Instagram it self and knows what he is doing and selling

one of them is @HenryCooper
go to his page > Click his link > Open Ticket with Data plan , Fill in the info , their support will answer you

or just go to his profile and click on his Telegram link and setup your telegram to have a chat with him


Ahhhh finally I am understanding. Thank you for explaining this to me. I will do both.
Thank you!!!


That might be because some bad proxy providers force cycle the IPs so they can squeeze more people in for more profits. Some also do that for residential IPs (mostly only when they also advertise it like that).


Thanks for all the suggestions. I wish I had invested more time into researching mobile proxies a long time ago! I just kept trying to find other data center proxies and it wasn’t sustainable. I think I would have saved money if I just spent it on quality proxies first!


My home base is Venice Beach. We will have to connect once I’m back.


The west coast is the best coast


also i want to buy mobile proxy


reread the thread for you and found this helpful advice @gasdum :wink:


can you tell me where to buy mobile proxy


thank you very much


Look at the comment above yours, it tells you exactly that


And so… with RAW mobile I can use proxy for 10 different accounts?
Instead with mobile only 1 accounts?

Thanks a lot


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