Need to buy Raw Mobile or Regular Mobile Proxies


might be in your neck of the woods in the coming months near the gaslamp, if you’re down for a beer and a doob…if you partake in either :wink:


Dont tease me! haha lets do it brotha


Hello @golfer4lyfe i know from other threads you manage a lot of accounts, didnt you get affected with the new 8 May Follow Block? If thats the case you have really cool settings :smiley:


thanks for the nice tip!


I mean we always get some followblocks here and there… pretty tough to avoid but we are working on it this week and next week pretty extensively. For the most part, nothing more than normal though


Keep us posted on that testing. I got my first follow blocks ever on a couple newish (1-2 month old accounts) and one on a very battle tested aged account.


This may be a dumb question, but…

I have been using data center proxies for some time without too much trouble. One of the reasons I like it is I can get the proxy location to be in the same city as my client so I rarely ever have verification problems when getting their account set up. I do get like blocks some times… rarely get a 24 hours follow block or need to re-verify an account, but it does happen.

But everyone is talking about mobile proxies as being the way to go these days.

So if I switch to mobile proxies can I choose locations? Or how much does that matter in your opinion? And what really is the difference on raw vs 1:1. I see raw recommended for “growth” and 1:1 for “management”. But I am always growing the accounts I manage with follow/unfollow, liking, even commenting. Whats the way to go then?


You can’t choose locations when its mobile proxies…
Since the infrastructure is built in providers city in most cases