Need to buy Raw Mobile or Regular Mobile Proxies


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Hello @golfer4lyfe i know from other threads you manage a lot of accounts, didnt you get affected with the new 8 May Follow Block? If thats the case you have really cool settings :smiley:


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I mean we always get some followblocks here and there… pretty tough to avoid but we are working on it this week and next week pretty extensively. For the most part, nothing more than normal though


Keep us posted on that testing. I got my first follow blocks ever on a couple newish (1-2 month old accounts) and one on a very battle tested aged account.


This may be a dumb question, but…

I have been using data center proxies for some time without too much trouble. One of the reasons I like it is I can get the proxy location to be in the same city as my client so I rarely ever have verification problems when getting their account set up. I do get like blocks some times… rarely get a 24 hours follow block or need to re-verify an account, but it does happen.

But everyone is talking about mobile proxies as being the way to go these days.

So if I switch to mobile proxies can I choose locations? Or how much does that matter in your opinion? And what really is the difference on raw vs 1:1. I see raw recommended for “growth” and 1:1 for “management”. But I am always growing the accounts I manage with follow/unfollow, liking, even commenting. Whats the way to go then?


You can’t choose locations when its mobile proxies…
Since the infrastructure is built in providers city in most cases


As far as Instagram is concerned what is the better / safer option for client accounts when the client is accessing Instagram from their own phone?

  1. A mobile proxy that is located in one of the few places around the world where you can get them like Bangkok, even though my client is located in Los Angeles. In that case Instagram is going to see one mobile phone accessing the account in Bangkok, and one accessing that account in Los Angeles.

  2. OR a data center proxy that is located in the same city as my client. So Instagram sees that a mobile phone AND a data center proxy are both accessing the account in the same city.

Would love to hear from people in the same situation as me. My data center proxies do sometimes get temporary like blocks or follow blocks… although there could be a million other reasons than the type of proxy (my own accounts on residential IP also sometimes get temporary blocks too). I have been avoiding moving to mobile proxies since it seems to me that it will be more shadey to have the same account accessed from different places around the world. But what do I know…


There’s a lot more factors than just location.

One thing to keep in mind Instagram does NOT have a problem with management, many companies big and small employ PR firms to manage their social media all over the world. Instagram has an issue with automation.

Data center proxies tend to be used and abused for automation purposes and have been for many years. It would be more likely a PR firm managing a client manually would be on a residential proxy or a mobile proxy than one that routes through a data center.

So if I was a betting man I would say a mobile or raw-mobile on the moon is still a better choice than a DC for a client…no matter where they are.


Interesting… okay, I guess I’ll buy a coupe mobile proxies and test it out. Do you recommend raw mobile proxies, or 1 to 1 for the type of accounts I am managing (real users who have the app on their own phone).


I know some people who use raw-mobile but for me I prefer mobile proxies for clients. I don’t like thinking that if a client does something out of my control to mess with their account it could flag the entire proxy and cause issues for other clients. It hasn’t happened yet but I prefer the safety of it over saving $1-2 on a client’s expenses


This could also happen to you from accounts that you ain’t even have control of for mobile proxies. The providers share the modem with X-XX other clients so the same applies here too :slight_smile:


Yes but it’s a lot less likely…especially if you use a provider who keeps the shared ratios low, actively bans abusers and limits usage of those accounts to client management and not spam.

Raw mobile you typically need to put 5-10 accounts on it to mitigate the costs to a reasonable level and there’s a lot more potential of a client doing something stupid that affects everyone when you have 3x the clients on a single device.


For me running 5-10 accs on a single mobile IP seems pretty legit, this IP might be shared with 100+ mobile users around, And I do not expect my accounts to suffer any issues if they (other mobile users) do stupid stuff on IG.


Providers usually keep their accounts to modem ratio a secret so you have no control over it. I doubt that they put less than 5 accounts per modem anyway.

And even if they mitigate spammers they can’t have control over a destroyed trust score client account that might affect the good accounts on your same modem.

I think the only benefits are reduced prices and diversity of fingerprints on the modem, other than this I don’t see clear benefits over raws. Unless you have a golden trusted provider of course, but even here this would all still apply :slight_smile:


The more i read this, the better it is to make your own mobile proxies instead of renting them. Costs are not that high. Just some work.


Costs are very high actually and the work behind a good mobile proxy setup is insane. I think that purchasing will always be worth it over than making your own from scratch. For example from @HenryCooper you can get a dedicated modem + sim at $20/mo. In my country with that money you barely get the sim card.

You just need to inform yourself wether it’s better for you to go with 1:1 or Raws.


I have mine own proxy’s and it is not that extreme. If you rent out it is a total different case. I have a smal setup consisting 3 modems at the moment and running stable for 7 months.
Total setup costs 100 euro and 10 euro per sim per month. Not highspeed internet but if you know proxy’s you know how to speed it up.


Right, for such small setups it’s pretty doable. When renting out as you said it’s a totally different case.
Lucky to have cheap sim cards too in your country :slight_smile:
At the end of the day when the network speed is ~2mbps it’s already acceptable for 10 accounts/proxy