Need to buy Raw Mobile or Regular Mobile Proxies


As far as I am aware Henry caps it at 3…granted I have nothing to prove he’s being honest but he’s been around for a long time.

Yeah, that’s not an option here in Canada. We have some of the most expensive telecommunication costs in the world. Maybe for a few select clients but not for a larger operation


Guys can someone explain me the exact difference between hiring raw-mobile (for 10 accs) or 1:1 mobile for 10 different accs for example.
I have read the whole thread, and couldnt find the answer.
You guys are talking about this but havent found a description.
I have like 20 accounts from some clients, which are real accounts, that are used in their phone instagram app to like their friends photos, etc. And what I do with jarvee is to follow 500 and unfollow 500 per day. Nothing else, maybe some likes after follow but in a really low rate.
I am not an expert, etc. What would you recommend me and why?
20-30 proxies 1:1 mobile or 2-3 proxies raw-mobile.



If anyone else have mobile proxies for sale, please do let me know. I currently need around 50 +

Thank you very much.
Currently pending replies from Henry and Digiboy.

Thank you so much for all the infos so far! Glad I found this forum!

@Digital7Boy btw I ran out of replies for the day because I am a new member LOL. But yes, please send the details and let’s do it :slight_smile:


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I need to buy 10 4g proxies. Where should I go?

Anyone hit me up on here as I want to get away from highproxies now


I’ve had good luck with mobile proxies from Henry Cooper


Thanks. I will look for him


Hi guys, thanks for all the info, can you please tell me whats the main defference between the proxy types?
and can i use my own computer as a proxy? is it any good?


From personal experience i would recommend mobile proxies its been working fine for me.


As far as I understood if you buy a mobile tier (one modem for you) you can put as many accs as you want on it. BUT… say you have 10 accs on a modem. And let’s assume 1 or 2 accs of these have bad karma (bad settings, low trust score for whatever reason) the disease of these 2 accs will also spread on the others on the same modem.

With 1:1 mobile proxies the provider makes somehow sure that disease is not spread. Seems to be like a secret sauce. But from what I have read here so far the secret sauce works.

And concerning the “disease” I can tell from my own experience when you have trouble (PV, ban, blocks) on one acc on a mobile tier I always got similar trouble on furthers accs on the same tier (luckily not on all).

Hope this explains it a bit. If not… Sir Henry will be able to tell you in a much better way.


checkout this Topic tho : Best Proxy After June Instagram update