NEW ISSUE: Inauthentic activity


Definitely not going forward.

I saw exactly this on Twitter. Several others say something thing there re never using automation.

My client says she does use the Plann app and had used at about the time of receiving the message.


That’s probably the reason. Not sure if Plann is actually allowed to use the API, but even just accessing things like that might trigger it because it’s third party.


what is being said about this on the LvL2 discussion? It’ll take about 20 days for me to get access to it and would be good to have any insight in the meantime lol thank you


The same exact things, just in level 2


I run 3 accounts per proxy and have been for a while, no issue yet but clients are getting this message.


@wortime thanks for sharing and sharing and sharing insights :wink:


i literally just spit my water out :rofl: samething thing on bhw not much being said other than keep yer eyes peeled


I received this message as well. I m using a 3rd party app to do follows and unfollows but also on some random days do 200-400 follows on my own to get follow backs.

So should I change my password or turn of the app for a few days?


Are there any bits of wisdom in that discussion you can share with us Lvl 1s?


Just a Message that someone share a day ago about this:

Not sure about it, but the legend said that one client got it while using a very popular growth service. Speculations said that is about Copyright terms but just to keep an eye on that…


Thanks for sharing, that’s super intense. Can you elaborate on this comment?

“Speculations said that is about Copyright terms”

You are saying the account was deleted because of copyright issues but also happened to be utilizing a growth service? Am I reading that right?


Yes, it means that “gossips” say that it’s due to the fact they have broken the terms of copywriting of Instagram as usually that message is sent on those occasions. Although one of this forum got it from a client that got that message from a friend that is using a popular growth service. It’s not clear if the message was due to them or to the copywriting thing. I hope that explains better


An hour after I see the removing inauthentic activity and threats on banning the account, I got follow blocked - I have been following at the same speed for an month and it’s a tolerable speed. Is this something to be worried about? What do you guys suggest I do?


This is an excellent question. I am also curious. I have 20 clients and only 3 of them received the message (BTW my service is Jarvee Follow/Unfollow, basically).

By reading about the message online I have been mostly reassured it means no harm for them, but I still have not been able to understand why only a small percentage of my clients are sent the message.

I could not identify any common factors between the 3 clients’ accounts, such as their proxy, settings, length of time using my service etc.

But it could possibly be due to their personal activity being high which creates very high activity when combined with my service…I had not thought of that.


@isokid @intothenight I also got that message on one of my own accs I barely use at all on my phone, only botting f/u on my own home ip with Jarvee, so I don’t think that is the issue…


Check out this, then you’ll understand why “it worked for a month” doesn’t mean anything :wink:


Okay, well we can knock that off the list.

Do you have any suspicions about what it could be? Perhaps IG just picks a small percentage at random each time they send out this message?


It could potentially be all accounts with actions that even resemble something of a bot, so almost everyone. I’d turn likes back 20% and let it settle, then you could wait a week and turn it up 5-10% if you feel the need it.


Initially, the commonality between my clients who go it and who didn’t was that they had previously used the apps like “Magic Likes” or had bought fake followers. But now it seems literally everyone is getting them. I think about 10-15 of my clients have gotten them.

I advise them to change their password and then I just restart the service. I dont think anyone has gotten it more than once.


Could certain engagement pods contribute to this? I notice some engagement pod was not functioning as usual last week - I gave engagement but received only 30% of what I usually would. The pod admin denied the malfunction but this had always been a reliable pod in the past so I was very puzzled about it. The reason why I bring it up in this thread is that I received this warning message from IG multiple times when I’m running engagement with that said pod but once the cycle was over, I didn’t see that message again.