NEW ISSUE: Inauthentic activity


No I have never bought any follower only f/uf.


I have been forced to change password twice in the last 48h. Do anyone have any insights into this? Is this the new version of the inauthentic activity notification? Any knowledge or facts are appreciated.


I had this same issue and I was able to calm my clients down. I blamed it on the login process and explained that “services that boost accounts with fake likes and follows use a similar login procedure. Since IG is cracking down on fake accounts and follower farms you may get some unwanted notifications but you can disregard those since we’re not boosting your following with fake likes or follows. This does not apply to us or the activity on your account.”

Almost all of my clients took that as a reasonable response and haven’t had many cancellations during this follow-block epidemic. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


I’m not a service provider and I’m talking about my personal account. I want to learn if 2 forced password changes in 48h is concerning and what’s the recommended way of handling it to ensure the account safety but still gain some growth wherever possible.


@Cindy I believe it is concerning in some cases but I’m just not sure about yours. For example, 2 of my colleagues got either a PV or email verification request back to back and then after their accounts were banned. When they searched for their username, it was no longer available. They’re now working on recovering their accounts (unbanning them). Unfortunately, everyone’s situations are different. If you’re able to still log in to the accounts after PV, I would let those accounts rest for AT LEAST a few days, just to not take chances.


Do you have an update to share on this account? This forceful password change is very concerning to many of us.


If they got a Pv or email verification… why didn’t they just verify it, it probably would’ve stopped them from getting their accounts disabled ?


@jalen_awsoma They did verify it. At first it would allow the PV to go through. After that, it would never send the verification anymore. That’s when they realized their accounts got deleted.


@D33 Are those child or master accounts? I wonder whether IG only delete spammy account or legit original content account as well.


Ugh so upsetting . I’ve gotten both the “change pass or disconnect from third party apps for likes/follows” and also the “change pass or disable.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t want me account deleted. Do you think it’s worth changing the username and saving it into a new profile so that I can keep it ? Is it with putting my account on private? Someone help


What type of account was it ? Like a personal account ? And how many warnings did they get prior to it happening


Did you do anything to trigger the warnings


One time I was shadow banned - didn’t understand why. Never got an explanation? But that was a few months ago. I also received a few follow/unfollow temp blocks but they did not last very long and that was bc I followed a lot of people. I use an app called Followers to track who unfollow/follows. I also tried using a telegram pod but now have disconnected. I wonder if it is just super heavy engagement use? I’m not sure. I’ll be heartbroken broken if they dismiss it. It’s a personal weight loss account (8k followers) I have it set up as a business account though


How many forced password changes over how long a timer frame? Could you please put everything into timeline like this post here?


I’ve gotten the message three times, three different occasions, one time I was liking pics on a app, the second time I was liking pics on an app, and started to notice it was because of my extensive liking via the app, then I just got another notification because I started following a lot of people? Which isn’t against the rules but I guess they could assume that I am some bot or something, I just want to know the threshold because I’m currently at 18k and not trying to get deleted it’s a personal account though so it’s nothing spammy, and to my knowledge I’ve never been shadow banned either


It depend on how many and how fast do you follow/like and through which tool/methods. Also could you specify the time frame. It’s really hard to get the full picture without timeline and clear data points.


It was an app where you like pictures and people like you’re pictures back (it’s not bots like genuine people) umm I’d like several hundred pictures within like an hour. I’ve used the app before too like just to promote my picture but never received a notification, only when I would like other pictures to get like credit to promote it


Honestly this part doesn’t sound related to your IG notification.

You should describe your follow activity and password change notification in a timeline .


Sure thing

Had my insta for like two years before I really used it starting Jan.

Back in Jan- I was using an app called like4like a while back when j first started my instagram. You had to sign into it. I was following a ton. Organically growing at an awesome speed with likes and following.

I was shadowbanned in early April . Prior to getting shadow banned I did receive a few blocks for following too many people or liking too much. Only blocked for maybe a few hours. At that time I was using cleaner (follow/unfollow app) and another tracking device called followers. Shadow banned lasted 14 days. After looking into a bunch of posts I think that my account was just signed into to many places making insta freak? Idk I’m not a pro. My engagement was so hard after that. I wrote to Instagram for weeks. I disabled like4like.

Continued to use cleaner very sparingly because was afraid of getting banned again. I noticed one pic was banned again but hashtags did work on my account (this was about a month later)

My engagement sucked at this point. I was invited into telegram pods. I have a few weightloss instagram pods of my own we organically created and that helped a lot to bring back engagement but my hashtags sucked. Telegram did help bring my page back to life a bit. I was using telegram for maybe like three weeks prior to this warning below.

June 17 I get a message saying “you’ve given your password to third parties - inauthentic following/likes change pass or may be disabled”. Last night I got another alert like this (so two days later) saying the same thing. I wish I had screen shotted it but I got so nervous I didn’t know what to do! So I just changed my password

Now I’m nervous!! If I get disabled I will lose my name which I love. Should I change my name And save it into a newer account? Will putting my account on private help? I feel like I’m walking on eggshells whenever I do anything on Instagram :frowning:


It is a little clearer now. Other than the engagement pod, have you been doing any automated follow or like?

I don’t think I’ve even read the putting account into private help - I did have a contact who was doing some weird maneuver after putting his accountant private and later I can no longer find that account on IG anymore. Don’t think the deletion was caused by privatizing the account but it didn’t seem to help either.

Not really following on saving it into a new account? You mean start a different page and hopefully migrate your followers? This is extremely difficult - I’ve observed many big accounts trying to grow a side account but not taking off.

I recommend you to stop all activities outside a regular user’s behavior and rest your account for a few days.