NEW ISSUE: Inauthentic activity


I dont think so. Engagement pods are native to Instagram. The issue is really logins from multiple locations and a significant amount of actions taken per day on an account relative to the normal user.


The one I’m referring to is on telegram.


I don’t know the details but if the process of clicking the image link and liking it from telegram is manual, I think you should still be okay. If the process is automated it can become an issue perhaps.



seems that IG is playing hard and instead of higher the Engagement, as the mass have requested, but they are now hiding the number of likes that you have…

So now how can we understand which content is viral and which no?


it’s just a test and I doubt that they will roll it out to every user. the like count is what makes people addicted.


true! Will see if the test will be accepted or not… I just see that Instagram is doing all possible to hide their problems instead of solving it


I agree with that - I read that they run hundreds of tests and most we don’t see or hear about


I’m 99,9999% that they won’t do it. They would kill the platform.


I have to agree - there’s the huge dopamine hit of the instant numbers and they actually grow their business daily by having those. They will probably just try to taper any inauthentic activity rather than use the hammer


I believe that IG will soften the effectiveness of Engagement pods. They should be able to track a user to see how often they like the same people’s posts and lessen their power in their algorithm I’d be shocked if they don’t implement if they haven’t yet.


They already do it. Engagement groups/pods don’t really work anymore. IG collects all kind of data so they know where your motivation comes from to interact with a post (organic by scrolling the feed vs. engagement group).


Actually, the idea of hiding likes from the public has been getting a massive amount of positive feedback. And the counter making people addicted, is precisely why they’re doing it. (note: you’ll still be able to see your likes, just not the public)

Bots are not the primary reason for this being tested. Although it would deal a significant blow to them at the same time.

Social media has caused a massive uptick in depression. And it’s pretty much destroying people’s lives socially, and professionally. For example, many modeling agencies out there just flat out will not hire you unless your photos get above a certain number of likes. Obviously the could still ask to see your private like counter. But that’s just one example from a pool of dozens.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this is handled, because as you said another platform would just come along to feed that addiction. But as a service to the public, morally it’s the right thing to do.

But we all know, Facebook and Instagram aren’t exactly notorious for doing something for the greater good of people, above the dollar.

Maybe another shadowban?

I definitely don’t disagree but as you already said Facebook/Instagram don’t care what’s “good” for the society so I don’t expect such a drastic change to happen anytime soon.


I’m with Damian. They’re 100% about making money for quarterly earnings.

They clearly are trying to tow the line of improving the platform in many ways without stifling growth. They are going to have to do lots of small maneuvers. I could see some smaller modifications. Maybe they don’t show it as easily but I don’t think that the Dopamine numbers (followers, likes) will disappear.


I don’t understand the discussion of this being madness based on likes giving dopamine. You’ll still be able to see likes yourself, so why discuss how not being able to see likes being a huge problem, when that’s not what they’re proposing? Not letting followers see likes is vastly different than not being able to see them yourself.


Put yourself in the shoes of a teenage girl. You take a photo you think is cute (might delete later) and only get 75 likes on the photo. Meanwhile, Sarah and Rebecca talk smack saying you look hideous and laugh at you for not getting near 600 likes, which is the arbitrary golden standard of engagement for being accepted.

Now sure, those likes get hidden and while you might be able to see them, it’s no longer so much a burden to post, and you will likely now share more content without anxiety.

Now, apply a similar scenario to artiest, designers, musicians, photographers etc, with your coworkers, peers, family, etc.


@TommyShelby It would be best to keep the conversation in each thread relevant.


Getting back on topic, does anyone have any sort of updates since theses messages to users went out? The only account that got hit with one on my end was an account created 9 years ago, never bought likes or follows, home IP, ultra low f/u like settings. Which is, kinda of baffling.


I’ll write a guide for that


Anyone getting this message today? The wording is slightly different than before…