NEW ISSUE: Inauthentic activity


For me the “may” is totally revelant, for me it is not a direct accusation, maybe you did, maybe you didnt, imo.

For the moment i dont give a shit a about this text, i have only lost 1 clients because of this and i didnt like her :rofl:


Got this for one client account yesterday right after bouncing back from a PV


Yes I do!!! Should I change password or not? Or should I be worried about shadowbanned?

I actually stopped the service to use follow/unfollow a month ago…


Have you just been doing f/u? Or has that account ever bought powerlikes, or followers? A lot of bot software support seems to be trying to make it abundantly clear that this is simply for just buying likes and followers.

But now I’m starting to wonder. How difficult would it be to create an algorithm to look at an account that says “oh look, this account has followed 80,000 accounts, and unfollowed 90,000 accounts in the past year.” I mean surely there’s a way to do that no? And that would certainly be an enormous red flag hence the use of the words “may have”


Did u do anything different afterwards?


i had a client get this message (or a similar one, not exactly sure) that has never bought likes or followers, only f/u through Jarvee with conservative settings. I know this because I grew their account from nothing to around 4k. Started getting API blocks around the same time message was received, started following via embedded browser which eventually resulted in proper follow blocks after attempting one follow via embedded browser. Let the account rest for a couple days and was able to follow via API again for one day, then API block came back the very next day. At the moment cant figure out how to get past this issue


haven’t seen this message, but I recognize the profile pic. :slight_smile: I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed or proud of myself that I can recognize so many Instagram dogs, haha


Have you used this account for LE?

Another aggresive version i just received:


Are they using spintax now? :rofl:



So what’s the general consensus on this? The press release a couple months ago obviously scared some of us however they didn’t take any action on it. However this is a huge scare to me now. I have had multiple clients email me and some cancel because of this. It seems like Instagram is taking their first real action inregards putting their foot down to this.

Anyone from level 2 have anything to say? Kinda buggin a little bit because I have 150+ clients and a lot of $$$ on the line. lol



Got also this message on my account… I have a bit aggressive settings to test… but but


Same here! It might not be a reali thread but definitely the clients will react bad on this… :confused:


Question for you.

Is your account Russian? Your proxies? Your e-mail? All of the above?


No, I am abroad now but not in Russia. I am using a bit aggressive settings but still not too much and I use quality mobile proxy ( not hanrys). Email is gmail real one. No one of above ahha
The only thing that reassure me is that I have bought some likes some days ago for a test.


Where did you buy the likes from?

You use Telenor which is Scandinavian, HC proxies which are SE Asia. So it doesn’t make sense you received a notification in Cyrillic.


You’re the girl in the story pic?
If so, you’re really pretty.


Yes I have my account made in Sweden, I have lived there for 5 years. But now I am on vacation in Serbia and there is Telenor also… that is why I have the notifications in Cirillico :slight_smile: makes sense hu? And no I don’t have proxy from that!


Yes I am. And thanks!


Ah, that makes more sense.


With how random who these messages tend to hit are I have a feeling IG is just randomly throwing these out at people as a method to try to mess with growth services.

All the messages always assume the person isn’t doing things themselves, they’re hiring someone else to do it.

Phase 2 I’m sure will include a small suggestion saying if they really want to pay to get more followers, they should buy IG sponsored posts.