NEW ISSUE: Inauthentic activity


I’m curious what type of clients are getting these messages.

So far, I’ve only had these on individuals and not on my business clients. They are all ones known to be addicted to IG heavily on their end - I’ve also seen more PVs on these as well.

At this point, I have had no issues with my business clients. They’re simply too busy running their business to be addicted to IG and usually will post in the early mornings or evenings before I start.

It does make me think about what the future of our services will look like. Maybe it will force us to move beyond just growing and more into content / managing all aspects of accounts.


I’m one of the Business client who purchased the growth service from a company which they use F/UF. My support said they send to all users where they detect different sign on locations. I’m not sure that is a valid explanation. I have stopped their service a few weeks ago and I still got that message. I do use scheduler app like Preview though but I think this is a very legit app.


Its third party


It’s a smart idea to be considering that even if IG doesn’t do anything else. If for nothing else but to be able to add more to your services over just a f/uf service

To be honest no one can really pinpoint how who gets these messages are determined. Truth is ultimately they’re simply trying to scare people into not using F/uf services because if they were able to fully determine you were using an automated service then a warning would not be what they do…they’d just disable your account like they have done in the past up to this point.

Basically to me they’re testing these notifications out as a deterrent. Because ultimately if a person isn’t using a service the notification won’t mean anything to them, if they are using a service they can potentially panic thinking “they’ve been caught” which isn’t the case.

If they didn’t want you having third party apps connected to your account they would remove app integration from their platform, or at the very list disable/remove the apps they consider breaking their terms of service (which they do). If they knew you were breaking their terms of service (and/or cared about it) they would have banned your account already.


Who’s to say that isn’t what’s next if you don’t follow your account? When you get an PV and don’t do it, after a while the account gets disabled, might be similar here.


Not sure I understand what you’re stating here. Are you suggesting if they put that notice on someone’s account but the person doesn’t log in for an extended period of time and see the notice they could get disabled? There’s no demanded call to action on the notices, just an option to do a password change.


Which doesn’t work unless you throw a looot of money.


So what’s the consensus here? Just continue to operate and cross fingers that Instagram isn’t serious about deleting accounts? My clients are still getting the ‘Change Password or else’ prompt from Instagram.

I purely run F/UF on Jarvee.


Well we’re all guessing what Instagram will do. However I’m of the firm believe it’s all bark intended to just scare the crap out of people using growth services. You might lose some clients if they freak out, but if you have a good relationship with your clients they’ll typically reach out to you first and you explain your stance on it.

When I tell a client that I’m still doing growth on my personal accounts because I have faith nothing is going to happen that usually reassures the client. Haven’t lost one yet from those notices :smiley:


Datacenter or mobile proxies?


i still have yet to receive this message and i went thru some shitty spam accs . I also had been purchasing followers / likes on my main acc.


it will force us to pay IG to get our reach… if they end up limiting API which i highly doubt but who knows…

and hopefully new platform will form because of this.


I am hoping for this. Facebook as a whole is way too dangerous to have so much concentrated power. I think we all should come together and be part of creating a new platform.


It’s gonna take a lot of effort :smiley:


I would not care to much about this message and just keep going… People who got this message have not been banned more often :wink:


Gah! I really wish I got here before this post because I have an update on my end ( Or rather, an agency that I have worked with in the past through a mutual friend)

A good number of their accounts that have gotten this message, have now gotten bans. Heres what I know.

They told her clients to go on about their business, and change their passwords. They cycled through rest days and resets for their clients.

The bans did not happen all at once. It was over the course of several days, usually around the same hour. Which was in the late afternoon (Eastern standard Time.)

16 accounts in GMT2 with conservative settings got hit. They’ve used theses settings for years. Some of the accounts, were from their followliker days as well, before changing software.

10 (which I think was all) of their Jarvee accounts were hit. (Note: Their Jarvee settings were different from GMT2. They followed the settings from some youtube instagram guru that makes videos about the software. I think it was Aron Ward)

For those accounts, they did likes and F/U

A metric brick ton of their powerlikes have been removed, or photos they provided them on, deleted.

I have no idea of knowing if this was an isolated incident, as for the time being, I’ve only heard of a significant amount bans from their end, and not from anyone else at the moment. I just know it has our mutual friend that does this stuff better than I do, very concerned.


I’m all data center, I’m based in the US. Haven’t seen many mobile proxy service providers here, have you?


Thank you for your update. I respect everything you’re saying here but hope that you’re really wrong. Doesn’t seem like anyone else here has had accounts get banned. Am I incorrect everybody?

Maybe people can share their details. I manage almost 100 accounts and although about 20% of my clients have told me they’ve gotten messages from Instagram to change their password no one has reported these harsher messages and I have not had any accounts get banned. Please let me know what your all findings and let’s keep in touch with each other so we know what’s working and what’s not.
Incidentally I use Instagram proxies from storm proxy as well as settings in Instagram I’ll follow on follow under 600 people per day per account. No likes

I do have to agree with the previous person who said they have a hunch that this is all bark and no bite. I’d like to believe that too. It’s impossible to say what Instagram will do. If they get really harsh on this and start deleting accounts they probably only need to do that to about 10% of our managed accounts to have a massive affect on people‘s behavior. They also probably don’t want to get rid of too many though as they are trying to sell advertising. They have a very delicate balance to hold. Thoughts


I want to agree with you too (obviously because we’re in the same boat). Of course we want to believe that this is all bark and no bite, but unfortunately, there is literally know way for us to know.

I manage 200 accounts, using data center proxies. 90% of clients are running Follow/Unfollow up to 700 actions a day.

Like you, probably less than 20 of my clients have gotten the message (that I know of). It’s possible clients haven’t gotten it and just not said anything to me.

Instagram has A/B tested a lot of different prompts ranging from: “your information is not secure because you gave it to a 3rd party company” to “prevent your account from being disabled”. The latter message of which is very scary.

As someone who solely manages client accounts, I think being responsible for the ban of 1+ of my client accounts would probably be the worst thing that could happen and I’m not really sure how I would respond.

Regarding @eriu55 's friend, I’m curious about the quality level of the accounts as well as how aggressive or conservative the actions were.

Beyond that, it’s really hard to say. I see a couple ways this plays out:

  • It’s all bark / no bite, this blows over and may the message was enough to scare the 10% of people you were referring to, and others continue as is
  • They find a way to truly stop automation to the point it’s just not effective at all
    -They provide a better solution than automation and people just start gravitating towards that (spotify vs piracy)

I really just can’t in good conscience operate automation knowing it could lead to account bans, so it really is troubling.


I would seriously reconsider not using data center proxies and find a solution with mobile /4g proxies. Also, maybe I’m a bit conservative, 700 actions a day with follow / unfollow sounds dangerous. I would get down to closer to 400 and focus on the follow back ratio so you can still produce for your clients.

I hear you on this. I would just make sure you have some good terms/contract of service and explain to folks the risk before they sign up with you. Also, perhaps be selective with the types of clients you bring on. Are they posting things that are spam, copyrighted, or something else that could be against terms?Automation isn’t going away. I think we all just gotta buckle up, get comfortable with the risk, take steps to mitigate risk, and get better overall.