NEW ISSUE: Inauthentic activity


The quality of those accounts …that many across the board tells me something besides the like warnings contribute to the bans


I think allowing people to buy things directly on the app will make people hiring influencers happy because they can rate a successful campaign by the amount they actually sell through influencers on the platform as opposed to just likes which doesn’t necessarily mean conversion anyway


Purely for education purposes, why do you think this? I don’t disagree, but I haven’t see a strong reason for it - I find that it benefits people like us outside of the US a lot more. I never run into blocks (like blocks every now and then but rarely with my settings). I also don’t think the prompt is tied to DC proxies, but rather the amount of activity taking place on the account.

Noted. Will likey reduce activity for a bit, also enable night mode.

I’ve talked to lawyer friends about this and determined its actually safer to operate without contracts because the contract opens up an

MSA that can be litigated against. Outside of a contract, they’d have to prove I am negligent which is very difficult to do. I may create a standard waiver for all clients on a go forward though absolving me for any type of litigation though I doubt that would ever happen due to the costs.

Your mouth, God’s ears, my friend.


Can you elaborate?


What does this have to with the ‘change password’ prompts?


I’m going follow up closely on this, and ask some more questions. But form what I remember, they kept their nose fairly clean. I do know those GMT2 accounts had very human like and super low setting to flay way under the radar. As they manage a lot of verified / D list celebrity accounts.

Their powerlike service, I can’t really speak for. No clue as to how that worked, but I’m assuming some of those bigger accounts were giving out likes.


Possible that’s what caused the bans. If you could ask a question for us, what was the overlap between the accounts that were banned and the accounts giving out powerlikes?

If there is a strong overlap, the bans make sense as from what we’re hearing- Instagram is mainly targeting fake followers and likes.


Not sure man but using datacenter proxy is very dangerous


have you been using datacenter proxies for the accounts that got the message?


I use the same proxies for all my clients. “Instagram proxies from Storm proxies”. Are those datacenter or mobile ones?


Data center proxies


Why exactly? I still haven’t heard a solid reason.


What do you mean? There are literally hundreds of posts explaining this on this forum


It’s not about datacenter it’s about the IP. A lot of IPs used for datacenter proxys are flagged (they dont work or dont work well for IG). That’s the reason.


They are botnet residential. So they purchased the IPs or created their own botnet to get them. They are for the most part, residential IPs.

Storm proxies worked for a while until massive like blocks hit. Then, because they are inexpensive, they became gummed up with terrible or abused IPs. I recommend them for other uses than IG, but I would move away from those if I were you.


Wanted to interject with someone posting this article back then

The most important thing I read in this article was:

“While Instagram is in a position to identify all AAS customer accounts, blocking these accounts is not a desirable outcome
since Instagram users still use them to initiate legitimate actions that
should not be blocked (even while they are also enrolled in an AAS)”

AAS is any automatic service, this article was done in November 2018 so the sentiment could have changed


Also this:

“Consequently, from the standpoint of protecting non-abusive users from
artificial content, a more effective long-term strategy can be built
on deferred interventions (e.g., removing synthetic actions after at
a future point). Such approaches greatly increase the “debug time”
for services seeking to reverse engineer how they are being detected
and are less likely to drive the customer complaints that incentive
services to pursue such adaptations.”


I agree with this, especially if you get a recycled IP. I’ve been in control of my DC IPs for 6-12 months. I rarely, rarely have issues.

This was an interesting read: Which one to choose? Data-center proxies VS Mobile proxies thanks to @mithrandir for forcing me to search.

There were also a number of interesting nuggets about automation in here that were more bullish than bearish if you guys want to take a look.

My favorite line: The reality is IG loves botting but botting behind real accs from @Bartholomeo


Happy to help :pray:


When an account receives this message, how am i going to see that in jarvee? Is there a notification, like “action required”?