New LinkedIn Connections Limits

Hello All,

LinkedIn has released a new update recently that limits the number of connection sent weekly. Till yesterday my client accounts were able to send 100+ new connections daily. Today they can do hardly 10.

Have you experienced smiilar things recently?

I was able to do 24 connection requests yesterday and I didn’t get that alert. Would you mind sharing your run timers settings?

I was doing 1 connection request each 180-360 seconds. 100-110 per day.

How many connection requests have you done so far this week? I am trying to see what would be this weekly limit…

Also in the message they are speaking about Follow and InMail.

Have you tested those Tools? How many Follow abd InMail can be done safely?

yes, I read about that update but not on all countries and not all the accounts some of my accounts 2 or 3 still get above the limits you shared, what proxies/countries you manage from?

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All clients are from France and proxies are French. I guess that it reached France now :frowning:

yeah most likely you can test few proxies and see how it goes

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I have read some articles on the internet, they say the weekly limit varies between 100-300. I myself haven’t seen that limit message, maybe because I send only 30-40 connections per day.