NEW scraper die in 12hour..get EV > PV then Review 24hour

Hi,need help… i use 1scraper for 1main acc. so i run 20main acc with 20scraper.
today i got 8scraper DIE…scraper new. and almost 12hour DIE…
i use 4g share for scraper… one 4g share max 5scraper.
and 4g private for main acc. max 5acc.

and i get my 2 main acc temporary block for follow…
do you think its normal? i share my settings follow for 2main acc (temp block)
this settings same for all my main acc. the other account normal without block.
just 2main acc get temp block. and 1my main acc get TEMP LOCKED…

what should i do for this issue?

  1. 8 Scraper Die in 12hour.
  2. Temp Block main acc

at night i run 8scraper and 10main. 8 scraper get EV and Banned

Do you enable delay settings and API limit on your scraper accounts?

I’d suggest you change your scraper proxies to private mobile proxies
or residential proxies.

1 private mobile proxy for how many scraper?

I think you should make your delay settings more strict by reducing these values.
You can try using the settings shared in this thread, and see if your scrapers will live longer.