NEW "To Secure Your Account etc..."

Hi guys,

I know that this topic is being discuss and talk a lot… but this time round is different…
Previous methods no longer working

You guys out there have any ideas how to solve this new loop?

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previous methods not working already

How is this different from either of these topics? Infinite loop “Help us confirm you own this account”
Impossible Instagram Verification Loop
It’s helpful to search the forum to see what’s already been asked

The different is … I am bringing the new loop problem topic as a new topic on its own …
and we can discuss it as a total new loop topic … cause the older methods no longer work …


To day…it’s been fixed alright, now that’s problematic for us…No longer solved by using opera

yea… so maybe someone is able to solve this using some unknown method …
older methods doesn’t work anymore

I guess. You could’ve just bumped the thread since it’s still active. If someone knows, they’ll answer. Best of luck

Same problem here, I don’t get the " Your Instagram password has been changed " email

Try to clear cache and cookies on Opera

they already use incognito.

I agree - the old method for solving this loop doesn’t work since yesterday. So currently when you see this loop - unfortunately it’s over (it’s even worse than ban, because you cannot appeal through Instagram support).

The old method no longer work bro

Oh hell, for how long? I know it worked for me 2 days ago, but I hope someone find a new solution!

I have tried Opera method yesterday and this no longer works.
It shows a message saying to try something else than email verification

I may be wrong, but I believe Instagram has instituted a time delay on when the incognito trick will work again.
I’ve had a few clients get hit with it. Some, I’m able to clear within minutes, others take 24 hours, some I’m on day 7 or 9, with no luck. These are real business accounts.

Does this usually only happen if people try logging in consistently from different locations?

I think yes because with that account I made the mistake of installing it without proxy then I put the proxy on it.I thought this was not a problem as proxy is in the same country but drama started 3 days later
But this cannot be a permanent problem …or IG wants to kill media agencies lol

found any solution?
found any solution?
found any solution?
found any solution?

Wondering the same… still stuck. Don’t receive a "password changed confirmation"email only a new login notification mail

it just suck bad guys