New Verfication Loop?

Hello, did any of you managed to pass the Verification Loop in the past few days? I tried everything, and Opera vpn reset password and follow up verification doesn’t work like it is shown in any video from youtube…
Is there any other way? :confused:
I can’t find any means to connect IG via support either.

I’ve been luck atm, last 6-7 days I’ve not hit that loop, but before that, last 30 days I could get every twice or third day…

Is that the verification related to Get help Signing in message?

If yes, what you can do is to first you reset the password, then open the Password was changed Email, copy the Secure my account link, and open it on preferably different Proxy/IP address than what you used to reset the password.

​Then it should show up that your profile information is correct and you should be able to log in.

@Jaha I tried this, and it doesn’t work.

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just want to subscribe here to see if anybody have a different working approach, every day I get a new account with this problem.

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and after that login you will be redirected again to the “request for help” page…

Does anyone else has the problem?

i got this on 400 accounts and propably i can burry them :thinking: :neutral_face:

how did you got it on 400 accounts? I only got it on one, and is not a 1account:proxy setup

I was in the same position. See if this works for you, I recovered my accounts this way: [MAY/JUNE 2020 FIX] "Help Us Confirm You Own This Account" [SOLUTION]


Deleting IG app off my phone and reinstalling seems to have changed the outcome i was able to get the ID code sent to my email.

Did you not get redirected to the help page after entering the code?

If you can’t have access to IG support request form, I can help submit the form for you:

Are you serious?
What are these pages?

This are just images I really don’t know what to do now

hello ossi please help me and fill a request for my account @tanzanitedogos

Hi sir, can you help me out on sending a form because I’m still stuck at the verification loop for 4 days now. Tried all the methods on this forum tho.