New "Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked" Problem

Yes correct. They sent the code to a contact email I provided, where I had to provide a picture along with a handwritten note of the code and my username. Did you also receive this?

Hi. How were u able to submit a form? I can’t find that option anywhere

Go to login. Say forgot email and password or need more help option. Its all in the instagram app that you fill out the requiest form

This makes me think that IG targeting manual growth now. Manual growth uses api because you’re on the app and with all these locks it’s becoming harder and harder to grow…

I don’t think there are enough agencies doing manual growth for them to target that. It’s just the API call limits have affected those on the app. Let’s hope they become less sensitive after the election :slight_smile:

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Hi, here’s a full tutorial on how to submit the form: [MAY/JUNE 2020 FIX] "Help Us Confirm You Own This Account" [SOLUTION]
In case you keep getting redirected to Help Center:
How to Submit A Support Request to Instagram - Get Help Signing In

3 months ago, I’ve been Temporarily locked from my instagram account because of my login and it was used by a School Email that no longer exists now because I forgot to change my school into my one of my other emails so please I need help.

Same exact thing happened to me. It’s only been 2 weeks though. I tried getting it back at first then tried not even touching the app for a week but still don’t have access. When I try to do “need more help” my other email I do have access to shows but it doesn’t let me hit done. Not to be the bearer of bad news but I’ve looked at so many forums and videos but haven’t come across anyone with a solution. Some come back after a year or two one said if you don’t use it for a few days their came back, I guess IG just picks and chooses, no idea! Wondering if it’s more of a recent thing that’ll get resolved soon if enough people bring it to their attention instead of just externally like here.

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IKR plus that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Did you resolve this issue yet? I’ve done this and only been sent a link to reset my password twice and both times successfully did so, however when I go to log in, it still says it’s locked!

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Hi. Still no luck with it. This reddit thread is your best bet, and should give you hope that its absolutley possible to get it back. Search on google "Reddit: Updates Instagram Disabled Accounts PLEASE READ All we know so far’ and you should find it, has over 700 comments of people in same boat

Best of luck with everything - keep me in the loop if you get access again and your steps!


What if you’re Temporarily locked from your instagram account.

Hiiiiii ! I have the same problem… Did you find a solution?
I have already verify my identity by sending a photo of me but my account is still “temporary locked” with the same button (to send a code to my old address)

Same !! Did your problem solved ? Did you sent a photo of yourself with the code ?

@Lorren_Bridges Hi ! So did it work finally please! I’m in the same situation …

have u found a solution?

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When your facebook and your instagram are connected, than you don’t have to be afraid. Enter your phone number on facebook, wait a few days, weeks and try logging in to Instagram. For me, the email was wrong and I read what to do in a lot of places afterwards. Of course, there was no article specifically for this. Then I read about the benefits of pairing. He wrote that if e.g. you change some data on facebook, the other will change automatically, in this case on Instagram. What happened yesterday was that suddenly my phone number also appeared as an option that I typed into Facebook weeks ago. And the verification code was sent immediately. I couldn’t believe it … It all happened completely by accident because I had already given up on Instagram due to the wrong email.
Sorry for the spelling. I hope I could help. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


If my phone number is connected but I change it would that work?
for some reason my normal number isn’t working with it

I think you should wait 1-2 days before requesting for a new code. If you still don’t receive a verification code from IG after 2 days, try using a different device to request for a new code. I’m sure you will regain access to the account since you still have access to the phone number, it just needs a little patience. Changing phone number via FB might take longer than 2 days.


Hi bro what if I don’t have the email address and phone number on my ig account. But I requested them to send a code to me via my new “email”
Then I did the same I linked my new phone number in facebook, but I can’t see it on options to send a code? What to do thanks

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