No impressions from hashtags, causes?

Hi everyone,

I have a Instagram meme account that does over 10,000 likes per photo. But for some reason it gets few impressions from Explorer or Hashtags. What are the causes of this and how do you got about fixing it?

Are the hashtags relevant to your meme niche? It’s possible people aren’t hitting your page because they’re not the ideal hashtags for the content you post.

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They are targeted hashtags. I just realized most big meme accounts do not show up. For example, none of worldstar memes show up either. Are all memes classified as risky?

There might be one hashtag that is blacklisted (banned) so it will affect all your hashtags from the posts.

I would reccomend getting hashtag research from @MojoJojo

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This is very likely. Some hashtags can get you shadow band which means Instagram won’t show your post for fear of it having inappropriate content. He explains it much better.

But yeah @MojoJojo or @nocturnae might be able to help you out for a price.

And if you would rather do it yourself, then this might help you