Pinterest - Extremely Low Follow Back Ratio

Here is my Pinterest Account:

Doesn’t look so bad… How can it be that my Follow-Back-Ratio is extremely low, when I follow certain accounts.


All these sources are in the health niche, some of them bring 6% or 7%, which is low, but even after following more than 1000 people some accounts NEVER follow me back.

How can that be? I used Pinterest in the past without Mass Planner and I had MUCH better Follow-Back-Ratios (10% to 20%). Did you experienced similar things?

What could be the problem? I already have problems with wrong data:

Could there be a connection between these things?

Pinterest isn’t really like IG. You can’t get anywhere near to follow back ratio like on Instagram.

You need to follow much more, but luckily Pinterest isn’t strict as Instagram and they don’t disable accounts easily like IG do. So feel free to increase your daily max for follow tool.

Also, do some repins from ordinary users, they love when someone repin their pins and it’s more likely they’ll follow you back.

Another tip, you’re using source Followers of other accounts, right?

Try using different one. I get nice followback ratio with follow people by keyword search. However, people make make mistake here, they add keywords as: Health, Fitness, Food recipes and similar, and they end up following business accounts who never follow them back and even if they do, there’s no engagement from their side.

So instead of those keywords, use female names. Yep, I said female names. Let’s be honest, females are interested in stuff you’re posting, not a lot of males will be interested in healthy food :slight_smile:
So, add english female names there and follow them. This why you’ll make sure you follow private accounts, not business ones.

Here’s the list of names you can start with, of course, you can add some more there:
Anna, Jenna, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Amanda, Julia, Jackson, Marilyn, Sandra, Salma, Liz,


Great Tip Adnan, as always! :grinning:

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The trick to Pinterest I found wasn’t follow/unfollow, it was more about the pins/repins you post. Picking small niches, so instead of hairstyles, make a board thats targetted to Wedding Hairstyles or Bridesmaids Hairstyles. Stuff like this, I was getting hundreds of followers per account per day with as little as 10 pins daily. Now I haven’t figured out how to monetize Pinterest yet like @Adnan but I’m working on something.


Can you tell me a little more about how you choose a niche board?

How specific should it be?

How many should I make?

You said: “I was getting hundreds of followers per account per day…” does that mean the follower increase shrunk? @stormmarketing

Hi @Adnan, thanks again for the great advice, but I have a additional question: Do you follow the same people/sources or do you try following other users?

I have 20 accounts in one niche, so it’s pretty hard to find good/enough sources for every account. I made a list with 900 most popular names in UK/USA/Australia and I want to spread them among my 20 accounts. I tested it with 5 accounts and it’s seems to be barely enough. :confused:

Should I just follow the same people? What’s your advice?

You have the option to follow different users across all Pinterest accounts in Mass Planner, turn it on. It’s in Settings >Social networks > Pinterest tab.

Then add same sources to all of your accounts.

Make sure you set the Scroll the search page for X seconds i n Follow settings to at least 300 seconds. You’ll have to increase this even more but probably in a month or so.


Honestly by skimming thru the categories, for instance, search quotes. Then there will be a list of sub sections of quotes, I.E “motivational quotes”, click those, then go deeper and deeper. Find pins and what the group boards are called, copy or make similar, or just make similar to the sub sub category itself. I found I got the most followers from really specific niched areas. Probably because my pins don’t disappear in seconds compared to the competitive areas. I’m not exaggerating when I say I do 10 pins a day and get hundreds of followers either.

Do you mean I have to increase the Scroll time or the sources?

Did I understood you correct, that you make own pins and pin them in your own similar boards? Or do you just repin this specific pins in your own similar boards?

Increase the scroll time, not the sources.

Yes, since the last ban wave, I got less follow back ratio.
I wake up in the morning and I see that my 11 accounts lost a lot followers from 5 to 227. furthermore, 2 accounts that are hmm 2 weeks old are banned now.
I post my link with a pin furthermore, I like, follow, unfollow, follow back, post normal fun stuff. the setting are lower then default scroll page delay longer than normal like 20 sec.
anyone else has this problem?
It like Pinterest have a human detector that counts human steps and auto delete those accounts, from the platform.
Sorry for my bad English.