Post Your Auto-Accept LinkedIn URLs

Hey Guys

My biggest frustration with starting new LinkedIn profiles is getting those first 50 connections.

If we get just 50 URLs in here for accounts that are automated to auto-accept, that will save me and hopefully several other people a LOT of trouble.

I will add any posted links below for easy access:

  1. (@embraceone)
  2. (@Adnan)
  3. (@embraceone)
  4. (@embraceone)
  5. (@ATSocialMedia)
  6. (@embraceone)

I’ll add my contribution:

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Thanks, Adnan! I’m going to add you on my accounts immediately.

Hopefully this list grows substantially. I’m about to set up a new second account today after the initial bans, so I’ll post that link shortly.

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No problem,

I have dozen accounts to set up and as soon as I’m done, I’ll add them

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New Link


#BOOM and feel free to add my posts to your like and share tabs :heart_eyes:

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Thanks kindly for this! Adding it now. :star_struck:

I’ll have another one up soon.

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Happy to help.

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New link added!