Profiling Accounts lead to Ban/Pv [Need Help]

Hey guys
Ive tested lot of different stuff
I dont know why no one talk about this , this is my main problem right now all rest is okey.
Creating my own accounts,aged from more than 10 providers and these all works very good if i dont touch accounts
I have 0 blocks using api only (300 likes,200 follow)
All problems comes after profiling (<24 hours)
Ive already split tested lot of different combinations
Ive seen that changing bio username gives 0 problems all problems comes on uploading pics (ive already tested using camera photos screenshots ,changing somatic treats ,using 4 5 app to remove exif data and randomize photos and lot of complex things) the thing is i cant find a solution im testing this since months would really love if someone can help me out
I have different skills (automating account creation process,doing adult on instagram,how to deal with blocks and prevent them)
Let me know mpsocial guys :yum:

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Try profiling with embedded browser or your phone in

Why not profile manually?

Do you profile the accounts one after the other or let some hours in between? Are they on the same 4G proxy?

Ive already tried that and result is the same

Already tried profiling on creation

1 day after yea on same 4g

I think probably the key is to warmup accounts because if i start doing 30 50 follow and increase 20 day they get ban after more days not after day1
But i dont have any experience on warming up

So actually its not profiling…?

  1. probably your bio spintax is not strong
  2. probably you don’t remove all metadata, filters on profile images
  3. usernames have patterns
    and many other reasons

Youre wrong im doing ig since 2 years
Bio have bilion of results and replacement rate % is very very high over 2000%
I remove all metadata also tried with random images from camera to exclude this was the fault
Usernames got 100 female most used names in us and over 70k surnames us name-surnameyear surnamenameyear with ._ in the middle and results are numbers with 13 14 digit
Probably what im doing wrong is warming up if anyone can help me out find a solution i can offer him some money :slight_smile:
Have a great day guys

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well, 2000% replacement rate is not high. I used to do 1m% on bio spintax… anyways good luck! :slight_smile:

Definetly worth the read. Uploading profile pictures and photos in general got more complex.


IMO we don’t need any more thot bots…

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Pow : ive already tested that problem is not in bio or username if i profile them with only username and bio i can run them for months but for me accounts are useless without pics
Roy : ive already seen all threads also this one and ive tested it ,result is the same ban after less than 24 hours
The thing is ive already tested with photo from camera :sweat_smile: they are super unique

The only things that make sense is warming up but i know friends that profile and run them at 100 150 day from day1
Let me know guys

Agreed! Adult bots are honestly pretty obnoxious. Low :key: probably a major reason IG is going so hard against automation, along with the election


same issues here

Same problem, can’t profile, later they get slow bans.

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any solution?

Used @pow service, highly recommend this guy if you are looking for advanced spintax service. GL OP