Public Marketplace now open (31st March 2020)

Hello everyone,

We have good news.

Since we got a lot of requests from users for opening new sales threads, we decided to start accepting marketplace threads again.

There’s a small change that everyone will benefit from, it’s a public marketplace, located in LVL1 section of the forum, everyone can see it, Google crawlers will pick it up, so sellers should get a lot more sales and forum in generally should grow a lot more.

LVL2 and LVL3 members know what is strictly forbidden to mention in sales threads but also in replies, so please, avoid mentioning it :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, please reply here and tag me, don’t send me PMs, unless it’s something that you really can’t post publicly.

:arrow_forward: Public marketplace

Please respect the rules listed in the quote below and I believe we’ll all have some use of this.


For all existing (LVL2 marketplace) sellers:

If you want to move your sales thread from LVL2 Marketplace to Public marketplace, all new rules apply, except that we won’t be testing your service again and no replies from your thread will be moved to Public marketplace.

That means you have to:

  • Pay one time fee of $30 to move your old thread to public marketplace
  • If you want to keep it listed month after month, create $10/month subscription. Of course, you can cancel it anytime.

In case you’re curios about why the replies won’t be moved, it’s because they can contain some info from LVL3 section of the forum, therefore, please don’t ask to make exception to this rule.

What you can do is ask members who already bought your product/service from LVL2 marketplace, to leave review again in your new sales thread in Public Marketplace. However, please be careful and avoid spamming PMs or asking members to leave fake reviews, this will lead to a permanent ban.

Thank you and good luck!
Stay safe.



Let’s keep it clean and high quality everyone. If you see something off, do report it.


This is awesome! Thanks to the team at MPsocial and anyone else involved for getting this set back up.


Nice move from the staff.


Thanks @MojoJojo
We’ll do our best to keep high quality and offer all users a chance to buy great services like we have in LVL2 marketplace :slight_smile:

Thank you for being part of community and I’m sorry your service doesn’t meet the rules we set.

Thanks @socialhad


Hi, @Adnan. Just to clarify in case i would like to move my ST to LVL1 section - all the feedbacks and thread replies will be cleared ?

Probably it’s possible to find some kind of balance and remove all replies with software mentioning or etc, cuz I do believe you understand the feedbacks is the trust identifier.

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What you can do is quote their reviews in your thread when it’s approved in Public Marketplace.
Only quotes from your original thread will be allowed, nothing outside of sales thread.

I think that would be fair and good enough for everyone. Agree?


Sure, thats great !


OK, let me know when you’re ready :slight_smile:

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Hey @Adnan - I intend to move my sale thread :smiley: also, if I want to change the OP for LVL-1 is it possible? :thinking: Thanks!

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Me too I want to move my sale thread. I have sent you the info

Thank you :slight_smile:

Public Marketplace is LVL1, everyone can see it, if that’s what you’re referring to. PM me, we’ll talk more.

Got it, will reply in a minute.

Awesomeness! I can’t wait to see what pops up!


awesome @Adnan please talk with me i want to open a theard sale and to know what is allowed to sell on lvl 1 and what is alowed to sell on lvl 2-3

I’ve replied to your message already. Same rules apply for both marketplaces, we created public marketplace so sellers can get more exposure and lvl1 members can get access to better services and products.

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Really good decision, this will allow the forum to accumulate more traffic which will hopefully lead to new quality members of this community! :clap:t2:


Awesome! Thank you for this new Marketplace MPsocial Team :smiley:

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Oh, finally, let’s get this going :slight_smile:

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Thanks Henry, yeah, we hope so too. I noticed we rank nicely for some social media marketing related keywords on google, plenty of visits come from there. This should improve it even more, sellers will get more sales, forum will grow, everyone will benefit from it. As long as rules are respected.

Thank you for being part of MPSocial @jayskays :smiley:

Yep, finally, I know you asked about it couple of times, so here you go :smiley: