[Q] Hashtag reseacher

Hey guys do you now any good hashtag reseacher that gives me related hashtags with how many posts there are?

hello and welcome : )

I used the search function for you :wink: and found this :lollipop:

Use this topic: [GUIDE] Using the MPsocial Search Function 🕵 plus your desired keyword, for example: hashtag research, and you will get amazing results.

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Thanks! I already found this great web.
The problem is - I need 60 hashtags per day (they update the hashtags every 2-3 days.)
So I need something else :3.
But agian thank you for your help : )

you can scroll down to see the whole list @marcodada . And choose highest popularity ones wich fit your account size

You are talking about the web or the software?

as you dont seem see anything when you scroll down on the web - of course I mean the software

Actually I do see a list when I go to the fashion category for example.

My bad, I will try the software. Sorry, thanks lol

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