Quality IG follows, Finding IG 'super users'


Anyone know a good IG scraper that isnt Jarvee related? I used to use imristo but I got locked out and they never answer the support …


I am interested.


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@oneoneseven This also has a built in scraping tool.
It has 3 dif forms of a scrape:

  • Engagement (likes) of posts from a specific username (the past 15 posts, it will grab all profile data that have liked the post)

  • Engagement from posts on ‘explore’ tags (type in a keyword, and it will grab the most recent 20 explore posts, and grab the likes (profile data) from these posts

  • Locations - paste a location URL and it will grab the posting user account + likes (profile data)

While scraping profile accounts, there is a filter for “email in bio” so you can build a targeted email list as well…

…Stay tuned


I thought IG didnt allow scraping on location anymore?

I’m in need of a simple scraper that can set parameters like user has profile phot, user is between this and this many followers and filter on languages and numbers in the username would be great.

I know jarvee can do it but with current APi issues i wouldnt want to risk blocks.

Happy to hear!


i down message me or whatever


@oneoneseven I’m not saying IG allows it…

You can export the list to csv and easily filter followers/following


Interested. Looking forward to trying this.


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Very interested please let me know about the BETA :slight_smile:


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It sounds great! I would like to be updated about your project too. Keep on rocking!


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Interested, I would love to be part of the BETA trial


Oh I would love to try it! Please put me on the list :slight_smile:


Would love to join the a trial. I’m in :point_left::+1:


I’m interessed