Quality IG follows, Finding IG 'super users'


Very interested - thank you! Great idea.


I’m very interested in this!!!


Definitely up for beta testing!


Sounds useful, will it be a webapp or are you processing them manually? Are you coding the tool yourself?


Would love to try it! Please keep me updated.


It’s a webapp, and fully responsive on mobile. Runs really smooth on mobile.
My friend & I are working on it, yes we’re coding it.


very interested. thanks buddy


Sounds good. Count me in!


Count me in. Happy to provide feedback


I’m interested


Very interested, happy to test and share detailed feedback.


I am interested please

Email is teamgetprofit@gmail.com


If there’s anymore spots I would be very interested!!


Interested in this :slight_smile:


Im very interested. Please keep me posted . Thank you!


Ok! It would bé great to know about that


Hey count me in! Would love to try this out


Would be more interesting what extra tweaks your tool would provide that you can’t get by using Jarvee.
Of course you can improve results by filtering sources appropriately but testing is still a key factor


Interested in this


Sounds interesting! I’d be happy to try!