Quality IG follows, Finding IG 'super users'


Very interested, more then happy to try.


@Gernozarus Jarvee is certainly the best tool available, our tool is different.
Our tool is focused on finding super users of specific niche’s, which should work for any vertical.
We are still building/testing it.
Will keep you in the loop


so with this tool could i filter my followers to find most enganged users and users who are not enganged at all with my content? looking for a scraping tool to elimiate ghost followers as they are called


@Jake_Lich that wouldn’t be hard to implement as part of the tool…It kind of already does it in a round about way…

After we open it up to this community, we will be looking for specific niche feedback like this.



This sounds super cool. Put me on the waitlist please!


Interested. Let me know what I have to do.


Count me in . Thanks


Sounds interesting! Would love to try!


Yepp, definetly sounds interesting. I am in.
Any idea when the beta could start?


interested do add me to the list


Very interested! Please let me know how to join


@Ghosa working hard everyday on it, currently in testing phase.
Hopefully 2 weeks out


Like to participate :v:


Count me in. Im interested.


Nice! I’d like to participate


Definitedly interested. Please count me in.


Count me in.
Count me in.


Also interested in participating. Please let me know if there is anything I should do to be on the waitlist :slight_smile:


There you go, AI can really take automation to next level. Very much interested, count me in :slight_smile:


definitely interested! thanks so much for the offer.