Quality of follow sources

Hey guys! I have been looking at a few fitness pages that do follow/ unfollow and I notice that the majority of their followers are in third world countries.

My 120k comic account was grown organically and has 90% american sources. So, ideally I’d like my fitness one to be somewhat similar. So, that I can sell online programs etc.

Is there a way to set jarvee up so that it will find good sources for me?

The only trouble I assume is that it will be making lots of api calls to achieve this, so maybe more blocks

I think the best you can do is to manually search for online fitness influencers and check their following.

I don’t mean ultrastarts like jenselter with million of followers, but accounts with smaller following like lovesweatfitness.

Also, another way of search for influencers that you know will have a following mainly from the US is to search for Fitness bloggers. They tend to have smaller followings and are usually local (from their home country).


Why not search from Hashtags? People who interacted with posts posted with certain hashtags? That way, it might be easier to filter the audience.

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Yeah I tried it with one hashtag and the follow back ratio wasn’t very good. I may try search for a few tomorrow and trial it on one account.

I’m probably just hoping for too much lol. It’s not like facebook advertising where you can search jobs, income etc haha.

But demographics is one I want to keep on a good note.

Yeah I was doing it for a few but the follow back ratio was less than 5%. Whereas fitness tip pages are 10-30% but very mixed demographics etc. My mother account is only 2.5k so hoping when it gets larger it will just grow through posts and hit good demographics like my comic page did.

Will try another 50 or fitness inspo accounts and test them anyway. May have a few good ones.

Ah ok. You might also want to try these settings to increase the follow back rations

Follower to following ratio > 0.2 (To avoid bots and spam accounts). Ratio < 2 or 2.5 (So that they are not the ones who are so concerned about their following count and following only a few

Follower count to be less than 1000 (targets consumers and not influencers and are more likely to follow when their own count is less)

You will know better. But just a tip to increase follow back rations that i have used over the years


Yeah I thought about that. Do these changes effect the accounts scraping or the actual child accounts. I.e which is doing the api calls etc. Trying to avoid making to many non human actions, seems to be working so far.

But if the scrap accounts are the ones doing the api calls, then thats a great thing to add to sources.

You set these on the scrappers. The actual accounts are not affected. They only get the usernames as their source

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I’m guessing you search recent posts that are in hashtags. Do you recommend using big hashtags or more niche specific. The one I tried was obesetobeast and didn’t get many follow backs from it

ok cool, that always confused me. Will definitely add that in then. Thanks for that!

Most of the posts in hashtags are also filled with curated or business pages posts. You dont want to target these. So you might want to use blacklisted words like buy/credits/feature etc. You will know what the words are, but filter them out and you will get decent follow backs. Also make sure to target only those who interact with the posts, not those who post them

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Can you do that on hashtags? or that for page follow sources?
I have that on the pages I have setup already

as in target people who liked post on hashtag

Don’t worry. just saw that option! Thanks man

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is there a way to see if the scrape accounts are doing all the api work?
I have them set up as a tag and that all actions go through them. But there is no notifications of them actually doing anything.

Mainly asking because I got two minor blocks after changing follow settings, may just be a coincidence but just making sure

No notification? Thats weird?
How are the scrappers set up? What are the settings on the main?

Ideally, there should be 0 filters on the main. Only time intervals and after actions be set up for mains

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That’s how I set it up, you do all the actions on the main but it gets sent to scrapers. A guy on here checked my settings awhile back and he said it was good. But I don’t get any notifications that the scrapers are doing anything

I never used that way. Hadi is a respected member and i am sure what he says makes sense.

But if you want to try the normal way of setting them up and see, you might get some answers about the blocks. Labeling and managing scrappers should be easy.

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I commented on his post, find his way easier as I don’t need to do anything to the scrape accounts. I don’t seem to get any blocks until I change something, but that shouldn’t happen if the scrapers are doing the work. Hopefully hadi can clear it up for me.

Havn’t had any blocks for a few weeks, until this week I started changing settings to get better FB rates