Question Regarding Email Extraction

If you use the profile scraper on LinkedIn to compile a database of users with email addresses included, and you import those into the connector tool; does this prevent you from being blocked from connecting?

i.e. will JV automatically fill out each user’s email with a connection request?

I’m specifically speaking about circumstances where LinkedIn asks you to input the email addresses of users you want to connect with as a security measure.

I do not believe that you can see the email addresses of users who are not your connections. So you can also not scrape these addresses.

If you could see these addresses the security measure would be a bit useless.

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I think so too, in Jarvee you can extract emails from your connections only.

@embraceone I don’t think there’s a workaround for that.

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Thanks for the input @ossi and @dimitri

But what if you scrape users from a separate account with email?

There should be an option for JV to connect using a designated list of users with email addresses if needed. @DanielAdmin perhaps you can help integrate such a feature?

Send an email to customer support with the feature request.

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A workaound is to extract emails using a tool like or I hope jarvee can add a feature to use this emails to invite.

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If you have a list with emails you do not need Jarvee to invite these people. You can just upload the list to Linkedin to connect.

But the OP asked for a way to scrape emails from Linkedin. If you already have the emails there is no need anymore to scrape these emails form Linkedin too.

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I’m doing that but it is not good. It mix the data among different sources.