⚡️ Real deal, organic, engaging FOLLOWERS, genuinely interested in your content. Packages from 1000 followers to 50k delivered OVERNIGHT

NOTE: This service does NOT offer fake/bot/loops followers. Everything is 100% real, users will be targeted and follow you due to genuine interest in your content.

Hello everyone. I am offering 100% real, targeted, engaging followers packages of ALL SIZES.

Anywhere from 1000 to 50k followers, delivered very quickly (80% in the first 8hrs, 20% will drip gradually during the next 4-10 days). Yes, you read it right: up to 50k followers pretty much overnight, 100% real.

These are NOT bots, kids, or people from loops. They are real users we have nothing to do with, and they will follow you genuinely because they like your content.

Who is this service for?

Pretty much any account that has decent content. THIS IS A MUST. I can not perform miracles: if your account has bad content, there is no way real people will like it enough to follow it, unfortunately.

What are the delivery times?

  • Order will be started between 2-6 working days max after payment and the necessary info for the order is sent. This timeframe depends on scraping speed and my workload.

  • The order usually get’s 80% completed in the first 24hrs. The other 20% usually arrives in a drip feed manner in the following 48-72hrs. I’ve had clients with overdelivery getting dripfeed users as much as 2 weeks after the order has been completed. Depends on the size of the order (bigger order more likely to dripfeed for longer time, obviously).

What about drop rates?

The drop rates depend mainly on the client: if his posting frequencies are excessive/insufficient, sudden changes in the editorial line, etc., just as you would expect from real users.

Are you sure users are targeted?

Yes. In fact, you will be the one giving me the sources or niche where you think your audience is.

Do prices include VAT?

Prices I list will NOT include 21% VAT, which will be added to the final price if you’re not eligible for deduction. You will ONLY be able to deduct 21% VAT from final price if:

  • If you are a valid EU VIES VAT ID registered company

  • If you are a registered company from outside the EU, and can prove it with your specific country’s fiscal residence proof document. In the USA it would be IRS Form 8802.

Is there any guarantee for your service?

Yes. If I can not deliver 70% of your order, I will refund you with the prorrated amount until we reach the nominal 70% minimum. Example: if you order 1000 followers and you only get 500, you get refunded for an equivalent of 200 followers.

However, this is a rare case scenario. 9/10+ clients have overdelivery.

What payment methods are accepted?

I can accept CC payment via Stripe (through their gateway), or bankwire for EU clients.

Can you work with any account?

Unfortunately, no. If the content does not gather minimum quality standards, I will sadly have to discard it.

Do you need to access the account?


Do you offer trials?

Unfortunately, no. I’m here for long-term business relations, that’s for sure, but I can not invest resources in trials. I did some time ago, and many were just looking for a joyride, so it was just not worth the hassle for me. I am very serious person and will dedicate entirely to customer satisfaction, but please understand that in order to accomplish this, there are some aspects I will need to pass on, like trials.

Are you first-line provider and are you open to whitelabeling your service?

Yes, I am 1st line provider, and I’m 100% open to partnering with actually real agencies (eg. registered companies that operate on a surface level).

What are your prices for your real, targeted followers?

- 1000 followers - 195€
- 2000 followers - 375€
- 3000 followers - 499€
- 4000 followers - 645€
- 5000 followers - 785€
- 8000 followers - 1.149€
- 10k followers - 1.445€
- 15k followers - 2.099€
- 20k followers - 2.895€
- 30k followers - 3.995€
- 40k followers - 5.295€
- 50k followers - 6.495€

Please keep in mind that these prices DO NOT INCLUDE 21% EU VAT. Please read above to see if you’re eligible for deduction.

PM me if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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Thread approved.

Good luck with the sales @Parliament

Is this achieved by mother/child? Or mass DM?

This is probably mass DMing right? Might try it out but would like to know what’s actually being done

Pm’s sent. 13chrs

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Good luck with sales!


Looks like a good service. I’ll consider using this if I ever stop using Jarvee and wish to outsource :slight_smile:

good luck with sales!

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Hey there! Interested in trying this out. Could you PM with the setup process?

I’m interested in this service but have a few questions, can you pm me?

Interested in your service, can you shoot me a PM please?

Are you able to provide followers from specific countries? You are saying the the customer provides you the sources for the followers. So are you able to use for example Danish sources?

Thank you

Absolutely, yes.


Interesting. Can you give some hints about the method that you are using?

Read above please.

Still going…

If anybody has any questions, service is still working! Some forum members are now waiting for results. :slight_smile:

Sounds like an amazing service but out of my price range for the moment, keen to see any reviews given :slight_smile:

Price is good imo but depends what you compare it to… Reviews will arrive shortly. Thanks!

Service still available. Want to grow 50k followers overnight? It can be done!

Not saying price is too high, it’s too high for my budget or to trial at that amount.
I’m sure there will be many others who do use you.

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